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Why online pyschic readings are more accurate than you may think

April 11, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Humanities

Online + Psychics = Fraud, right?

We’ve all heard those allegations about phoney psychics, that scam gullible customers out of their hard earned money, haven’t we?
We’ve all learned stories about the frauds, fakers, weirdos and hustlers online, about how everything on the Internet is unbelievable, right?
So it stands to reason then, any psychics on the Internet must automatically be dodgy, surely?

Online psychic readings are accurate, and reputable

Suppose I was to tell you nothing is further from the truth, that online psychics are not only trustworthy but with validated, reliable reviews and a track record of accuracy?
Wouldn’t you be interested in finding out more?
Perhaps we should start by thinking how we could be reassured about online psychics, before we waste any money?
So let’s do this.
Let’s think of 4 criteria we would need reassurance on for us to try an online psychic reading:-


Trust online is a rare commodity, but those companies that have a trusted reputation (e.g. Amazon, eBay, etc.) earn that through gaining the trust of their customers.
Clearly, for any online community to be trustworthy it MUST have:

  • exceptional customer service
  • clear Frequently Asked Questions
  • tremendous help/support sections
  • visibility of transactions


So for a reputable and trustworthy online psychic reading, we want to find a community that we can trust to have all of the above – and more.

What makes Amazon the top-selling and most popular eCommerce site on the internet? Is it the prices, the products, or the reviews?
Simply put, it’s the reviews that make Amazon stand out from it’s peers, as the prices or products are secondary to the ’social proof’ that reviews give. We want to know and read what normal, everyday customers think of the products – not the marketing copy.
So, if we wanted to find an online psychic, surely we’d want to similarly be able to read reviews from normal, everyday customers about the psychic – not what the psychic says about themselves?


eBay is perhaps one of the most famous and popular auction/trading sites on the Internet, but what makes it so successful?
Whilst it has great prices, a wide choice of products/services and a terrific feedback system about transactions, it’s the policies of accurate descriptions, trading standards and service delivery that build confidence and in turn, repeat customers.
So, suppose there was a way of transferring that accuracy to online psychic readings? Suppose there was a way where reputable, trusted and honest customers could comment on the accuracy – or not – of psychic readings?

As psychic readings are such a personal interaction, we need to ensure we can feel a bond with a psychic. However, we also need to know that the psychic has a history of accurate readings, validated reputation and trusted customers.
So, for an online physic reading, surely we would like a community where trust, reviews and accuracy are apparent yet offset by a freedom of choice, so we can choose the online psychic that is not only reputable but also seems to have the personality to match with us?

So where can I find a community that has all of the above criteria?
Although there are many sites offering online psychic readings, a site such as Kasamba offers the 4 criteria above (trust – reviews – accuracy – choice) in addition to:-
Psychic readings
Love readings
Tarot readings
Fortune telling
Dream analysis
Astrology readings
Career forecasts
Kasamba – your trusted online psychic reading community
for more info, click here

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