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Online Laundry Service in Bangalore? Really?

March 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Customer Service

One Saturday evening, we planned to visit one of our friends who resides in Hebbal, Bangalore. Passing by one of the huge Embassy Parks, my mind started calculating the number of buildings into the number floors into the number of people who work there. And, it was almost equal to counting stars. So many people live in this IT City, hailing from different life styles and speaking different languages.
We passed by a quarrel between a young man and a ‘dhobi wala’ before we could reach our friend’s house. The scene was hilarious, we continued to discuss it with our friend as we entered his messed up house. Oh My God! The house appeared as if the whole week his house items were alive and had a war among themselves, like in the movie ‘A Night in the Museum’.
‘What’s the matter brother?’ I asked politely. He explained how hectic it was maintaining all the work at his house particularly ironing and folding the clothes. Though, his clothes get washed the ‘dhobi wala’ doesn’t iron his clothes and deliver on time. He also summarized his busy schedule and spending time on ironing clothes is just not possible.
With a smile, I told him to relax and have a look on my phone. The beautiful blue-website STAINWASH took away all his worries. He asked me, “Online laundry service in Bangalore? Really?”
We all pounced on him, “you didn’t know that?”He was a man who was living in Bangalore with no knowledge about what’s happening in the city.
Now, this is what we did.
• We calculated the amount and time he was spending for washing and ironing the clothes.
• And the amount STAINWASH charged.
• Just one Click! Solve your laundering problems.
• Door pick laundry service in Bangalore. Washing, ironing, folding and delivery to the doorstep.
• The best feature is you can schedule an order at your leisure time between 8 am to 8 pm.
What else does a man need in his busy life? I could see a smile of satisfaction on his face. He immediately noted STAINWASH.
Zubera Rida

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