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Nuances of Luxury Cars Rental in Dubai

February 19, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Car Rentals, Travel Tips

Public transport is also not the best option, because in the rush-hour it is filled with locals who want to get home. And even at daytime it may be not so easy for a tourist to get his bearings among numerous bus routes. Therefore the most reasonable option is to rent a luxury car. Dubai offers a variety of choices to suit every taste and solvency.

Of course if you decide to rent a car you need to realize that every country has its peculiar aspects of rent procedure and it’s better to study them in advance so that not to drop a clanger in a crucial moment. The first thing is to get acquainted with the traffic rules in the UAE then during your travel to local attractions you’ll feel confident on the road. Correspondingly you avoid the risk of getting into a traffic accident, or even worse – injure some pedestrian. So, now you have all necessary instructions and probably even have chosen an amazing luxury car for your travel.

What documents are required to rent a luxury car in Dubai?

  • International driver’s license. Only this type of license is considered to be valid in the Emirates. Some agencies can arrange car rental even if the driver has a driver’s license issued in Russia. But if you get into an accident, you’ll have to not only compensate for the damage but also pay a fine for driving without documents.
  • Credit card issued in the name of the driver to pay the rent and leave deposit.

In most cases the rental agency requests a photocopy of the passport and the cash deposit for the automobile, but sometimes they ask to leave the passport. We need to warn you that it is quite unsafe to stay in a foreign country without such an important document, so please choose those agencies which are ready to submit you a car only against security of the money deposit. The rent amount can be paid in cash, and the amount equal to the deposit for a luxury car will be blocked on your card account. Usually this amount doesn’t exceed $300. If you don’t get any penalty for the period of driving, then upon expiration of 10 days the money blocked will be refunded, if there’ll be a fine payable then this amount will be debited for payment of penalties.

If you hire a luxury car in Dubai you get the vehicle in a perfect condition, very often this is a completely brand new model. The fuel tank is always filled with gasoline. Before return you are also obliged to fill the tank completely. Otherwise the agency manager will ask you to pay for the fuel in cash according to the company’s price, and it is always much more expensive.


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