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Nigeria Fighting Back Against Pipeline Vandelism

August 22, 2016 | Author: | Posted in News

Pipeline vandalism in Nigeria has been a big problem. The theft of oil is on the rise and it seems like there is no end in finding a permanent solution to the problem. This problem has occurred all over the world, but has become the biggest issue in Nigeria than any other country in across the globe. The NNPC has recorded numerous vandalism issues and has increased the issue of petroleum products to flow freely through the pipeline areas. The cost of this vandalism concern has reached into the billion-dollar range for the country for over a decade.


The bombing attacks that have occurred in the Niger Delta oil industries have caused substantial loss. The Nigeria NBS has released the dramatic loss of oil in the country and concluded that the country is heading for a deep recession. The militants are hard to pinpoint and may be working on the inside. There are different militant groups that are stealing the oil. One of the main groups is the Niger Delta Avengers. The people who live in the Niger Delta is feeling the impact of the economic loss more than what the government is. Security had been increased dramatically in hopes of stopping these vandals from stealing the oil, but there has not been much progress. Different situations have occurred where security personnel have been killed while guarding the pipelines. The government is deeply concerned due to the economic loss that is contributing the hardship the country is facing. They have spoken out to the militants to think about what they are doing and the damage they are causing the people of the Niger Delta. The people, schools, jobs, and the economy is in despair because of the militants stealing and vandalizing the pipelines.


The government of Nigeria has been working to find a way to stop the vandals and help protect the petroleum in the country. They have implemented a plan of action from the beginning, to install cameras to catch the thief’s and vandals in the act. The cameras are used for surveillance purposes and can keep the pipelines monitored and security on high alert for any suspicious activity that is taking place. Nigeria can only benefit from the gas industry if the oil and pipelines stay in working function and the oil is kept secure.

The Oil and Gas Summit has an organized meeting to come up with sufficient plans to stop the vandalism and to help grow the petroleum industry in the country. They will also take a look at the innovations from a technical standpoint for the networks of the petroleum pipeline. Security is going to be evaluated and assessed to determine where changes need to be made and improvements should be completed. If a permanent solution can be put into action, then the petroleum industry can come out of a crisis situation and begin to succeed in profit.


There will be several areas of the security management and vandalism prevention process that will be addressed. These areas of suggestion are to support the petroleum industry and protect the pipeline from thieves. The militancy has not been any better and has prevailed against the hardship of the vandalism issue. There had been over 16,000 pipeline breaks that have occurred in the last decade. While some of those were accounted for there were over 97% that was due to militants. Finding a permanent solution is needed and it needs to happen immediately to assist the finances of the country.


In order to continue to put an end to this criminal act in the country, it will need to be investigated and researched regarding every incident. The security process needs to be stepped up to the maximum ability within the pipeline industry. Each area that has been vandalized should be marked for future problems that arise. The use of security cameras will help to keep an eye on the pipelines for threat or damage. When people are seen on camera attempting to access or damage the petroleum pipes; then there should be security waiting to apprehend the criminals.


The government is working on the community to help out, in protecting the oil and stopping the vandals. Individuals in the community may have more information about the militants are and would increase the power of protection. The future plan that is being utilized is to step up the security and protection at all levels. This includes increasing support from the government, the oil industries, and the citizens in the communities. The more people who are keeping guard can improve the security measures and help decrease the militant’s ability to vandalize.


Once the government of Nigeria has concluded the investigations they will know what exactly had occurred when the explosion happened. They can continue to monitor the cameras until the militants are caught and persecuted for their crimes.


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