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New and Modern procurement platform Online-Cygrus

September 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Small Business

World’s best procurement platform launched from Bangalore

Blue Prism Networks, Bangalore has launched its prestigious website, the world’s best procurement platform for business. Cygrus will interface with millions of customers, sellers and products around the globe, all in one place. Built on the latest technology, customers will now find it 10x times faster and accurate to source their products. Organizing and access of procurement data such as products, enquiries, quotations, orders, and payments will be a breeze and can be done from anywhere.

Company’s CEO and Managing Partner Lavanya Natarajan says “Cygrus can greatly improve efficiency of procurement across all organizations irrespective of whether it is a buyer or seller. There is no need for Emails for procurement once you start using Cygrus. We have seen remarkable reduction of procurement cycle times of upto 75% with our customers. Vendors now can send quotes within seconds to their enquiries and automatically generate invoices for orders. We need a more efficient system than the current available E-commerce systems for business and Cygrus is the answer to it.

By using Cygrus, Customers will be able to gain more Vendors and Vendors will be able to acquire more customers, it is a win-win for all. Cygrus now makes it possible for businesses to procure anything around the globe with laser precision. We will now focus on building more intelligence, UI and full scale API integrations with other business ERP / CRM systems and tons of features will be available soon to our customers at no cost.”

At less than Rs.133 (US$ 2.0) per month, Cygrus will be the cheapest procurement platform for businesses around the globe delivering extremely powerful features. Cygrus is expected to return benefits atleast 100x times more for Business subscribers and is expected to bring a major change in the way how procurement is done by businesses currently.


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Cygrus is redefining conventional procurement. Simple steps to start your procurement process just in secs! Access your procurement data wherever you are. We have more than 5,000 Suppliers and Buyers registered and connected and the number is growing every day. There are more than 250,000+ products you can choose to enquire apart from your own custom products.We are serving globally. Our Suppliers and Buyers network extends to more than 25 countries.

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