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Nervous for Dental Implants?

July 29, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Dental Care

All on 4 dental implant gained too much popularity for its effective long lasting results. Made with titanium cylindrical screw finely fitted in the jaw bone much better substitutes for pre longed dentures and fixed dentures. The metal used titanium have natural similarity with bone new cells will grow automatic and follow the implants, making the connection strong and durable.

The dental implants are the best alternatives for natural root. Replacing single missing teeth. Individuals who lost their tooth due to some periodontal disease, injury or any other reason may opt for dental implant treatment.

Pre-planned procedure – Implant procedure is just a minor surgery, if have some complexity your dentist will use X-rays and CT scans to determine the exact location of each implant. Pre planning is necessary to examine a serious issues. The dental expert will provide a booklet of pre-operative instructions. Make aware what they can and can’t do prior to surgery helps improve healing and can also reduce the level of post-surgical side effects.

Implant Surgery carried by Advance Equipped Technology – Implant procedure is easier than tooth extractions. The implant surgery is carried out by latest equipped technology. The patients no longer have to wait to replace their missing tooth. The dental expert’s team will set the implants in just one visit with latest technology. You don’t have to leave a gap in your implant surgery or wear a fake temporary cap while wait to implant heal properly. Our professional team serve best and successful dental implants in just one visit.

Using an ICAT machine dentist prepares best dental implants surgery through 3-D imagine. A virtual mockup is used for same day surgery, which eliminates cutting through the gums to find the bone.

Minimal Risk after Treatment – The discomfort after dental implant surgery is minimal, all thanks to pre-planned procedure and use of advance technology. Some cases may require stronger antibiotics to help with any discomforts.

Fast Recovery – the dentists will acquire you antibiotics and antiseptics mouthwash to reduce the risk of implants getting infected and help to recover fast. Visit more often will help the dentist to check the progress. Time takes to make full recovery from dental implant treatment depends on the treatment plan. Once you have made a full recovery, your implants and replacement teeth should work the same as natural teeth. You should be able to eat as normal.
To keep dental implant healthy and successful it’s important to brush and floss teeth twice a day with regular checkups.


Dental implants is as simple process as tooth extractions, consult top implantologist for best and affordable dental treatment. For long lasting and successful dental implant surgery wise aftercare is required by you to avoid future infection.

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