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All You Need to Know About Email Filtering

June 21, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Software

Efficiency, conciseness and speedy delivery are the reasons why email is the default means of communication in business organizations. Be it internal communication or communication with customers and clients, email is a unanimous choice that resonates with every occasion and circumstance. But what if emails start to get misleading, malicious and unreliable at your work space? Could you trust emails anymore and would you still believe that it’s a productive means of communication? Would you put up with thousands of spam messages in your inbox and still pretend that you are not bothered? If your answer is ‘no’, you need email filtering. Here’s why.

Why Spamming is a Major Concern?

Though we ignore the spam messages that bombard our inboxes every now and then, spamming in general cannot be ignored. Statistics reveal that 65% of the email communication happening around the world is basically spam; unwanted messages that clog up mailboxes and waste a considerable amount of our time and resources.

Sometimes, they are not just unwanted but extremely dangerous too, as they carry viruses and malwares that hack computer systems and shut down servers. Business organizations that rely on thousands of emails everyday are the biggest victims of these spam messages and with every counter attack, spammers are finding new ways to penetrate mailboxes. So, as long as business organizations don’t take spammers seriously, they will keep facing productivity losses and stay vulnerable to security threats.

How can Email Filtering Help?

As the name suggests, email filtering is a way to filter spam messages from essential ones and keep spamming at a minimum. It is offered as email security and management service by many third parties and used by all the major business organizations. Under email filtering, every inbound and outbound mail of a business organization is passed through a mail exchange record that entails a combination of spam filters. These filters could be list based filters that contain exhaustive lists of blacklisted IP addresses or word based filters that scan every mail for spam content. A spam filtering setup could also be a combination of both list based and word based filters that effectively block most of the spam.

Advantages of Email Filtering Systems

Apart from keeping spam at bay, there are many other advantages that spam filtering offers to a business organization. They are as mentioned below.

•  Email filtering services are way cheaper when compared to the losses organizations face due to lack of productivity and security breaches.

•  These services are directly integrated into the existing email setup an organization is using and there is absolutely no need for a different email system or additional hardware/software installations.

•  The interface of the filtering setup is designed to be very user friendly. Hence employees of an organization need not be specially trained or have great technical skills to use the service.

•  The email filtering lists offered by these services are pretty robust in nature and updated frequently to find newer spamming techniques and eliminate security threats as soon as they are found.


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