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Myths About Boarding Schools

August 25, 2016 | Author: | Posted in College & University

Is boarding school right for your child or not? This debate is coming from many years and a different answer is obtained every time. As a parent, decision of sending the children to boarding school is very challenging. Since different people say different things about this hence parents get locked in the question and not able to understand whether to send kids to boarding school or not. When it comes to think about boarding schools, various kinds of images create in the mind of every person. May be some people portraits the scenes of Harry Potter while some thinks about studying 24*7 under the strict supervision of hard-line teachers.

But actually, Boarding Schools in Himachal Pradesh located on the scenic hills enclosed by the lush greenery, picturesque natural beauty and snow-capped mountains is considered to be the best place of learning for students. Living and studying at the peaceful and serene environment away from cramped, hectic and polluted city life brings the positive development in children. Taking the decisions and doing the things independently prepares the students for college, adult life or in simple words for the bright future. Rigorous schedule makes the pupils more disciplined and punctual about life doing all the works on optimum time.

Might be there are some people who mistakenly consider the boarding school to be the non-beneficial. This is because of the myths generated in their mind that must be removed immediately. If parents or all the people remove the following myths, they will come to understand that sending children to Top Boarding School in Himachal Pradesh is the right option.

Myths of Boarding School

  • Only wealthy, rich or privileged children can go to boarding school
  • Children do not have fun and enjoyment
  • Boarding school is only for the naughty kids who are having troubles at school, colony and home
  • Children get separate from their parents, family and become socially isolated
  • Diversity is uncommon at boarding schools
  • It is like a boarding school life of Harry Potter series and Zoey 101
  • Only academically gifted students can attend the boarding schools
  • The dormitories are like prisons where strict teachers are always stand on the head of students
  • Excitement, adventure and entertainment is impossible
  • Boarding school is all about studying round the clock without the fun
  • Students are not allowed many home-visits
  • Sending the child to boarding school makes parent feel they are the bad parent who don’t love their children
  • There is lot of homework and no recreational activities such as dancing, music, sports and festive celebrations and others

All these myths are just the negative thoughts that are not true in any sense. Honestly speaking, Top Boarding School in Himachal Pradesh fosters the overall development of students and provides the better opportunities to come out as responsible citizen. This is the reason why most of the parents send their kid to boarding school. Interacting, living and sharing things with children of different religion or caste develop the sense of equality and socialism. Numerous facilities are provided for the wonderful boarding life at reasonable fee that all families can afford.

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