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Mobile eCommerce: A blessing in disguise!

April 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Computers & Technology

The holiday shopping season of 2015 gave a strong clue that mobile shopping isn’t dropping down.

Many retailers marked a big opening of mobile shopping season as a fantastic experience for mobile purchasing and mobile giving.

So, the question arises how will mobile commerce shape up in 2016? Will it incline or decline? In that matter, experts have foreseen that it is expected to blossom past the $1.5 trillion marker worldwide.

Being a customer, have you ever made a list of things you want to buy from online ecommerce sites? Are you able to recognize the kind of stuff used in manufacturing of an item, though it is mentioned in description? Nowadays, customers are smart enough and ahead of retailers in every sense.

A recent survey conducted states that by 2020, mobile ecommerce will make up to 45 percent of total ecommerce which is equivalent to $284 billion in sales. This is more than three times that is expected in 2016 or $79 million of overall ecommerce.

Retailers are now well-known with the truth that the money is in the mobile web, not the app. In fact in 2015, many retailers were seen climbing up the wall of app store for the first time. Google searches, social media promotions and email newsletters all are done via mobile browsers, except a few big brands that have been able to get enough traffic and purchases via apps.

One of the major problems that retailers are still facing is conversion as mobile checkout remains a major pain. So, optimizing checkouts will be a top priority. Mobile commerce is climbing up the success ladder, but conversion rates are still lacking. This happens because of a smaller screen which makes it harder to find product details, and fussy credit card form details. Such finical things irk buyers and hence, they give up on purchase. That’s why many native iOS development companies in India are coding apps with seamless payment, checkout services.

Don’t ignore such things as it makes a bad impact on your brand. Always remember that 70 percent of complaining customers will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint in their favor.

As a matter of fact, physical stores have also come up in the support of mobile surge. It has been predicted by a survey that in 2013, mobile data traffic was just 1.5 exabytes, which would be 19.9 exabytes in 2018. That means a 13x jump between 2013 and 2018.

So, which would you recommed – mobile site or mobile app? Mobile commerce is not just for retailers, but customers as well.

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