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MLM Superhero Sponsors 60 people in 49 Days utilizing a funded proposal system and internet marketing products?

October 15, 2016 | Author: | Posted in MLM

Empower network promoter Darren Little also known online as the MLM Superhero announces that in just 49 days he has personally sponsored 60 new reps into the Empower Network and his funded proposal system My Lead System Pro.The Empower Network is a blogging platform and training system that teaches Network Marketers how to use blogging to generate leads, sponsor more reps and generate income – and that’s exactly what it has done for the MLM Superhero. In just 49 days he has generated over $8000 cash and a monthly residual income of $3175. My Lead System pro is a funded proposal system that trains people on different internet marketing strategies, allows them utilize lead capture pages that attract current network marketers or people who are looking to get started in network marketing, and allows people to make front end cashflow before anybody even joins your primary business.

Little attributes this success and the success of his students to his Unleash the Alpha Within training, the Ten Ten Formula that is available to his inner circle members only – and the incredible training products that the Empower Network provides.  “People that have never had any success in MLM before are having astonishing breakthroughs after going through this training” stated Little in a recent interview. “In fact, one of my students is in the top 20 income earners this month. This was a person that just about quit the industry all together before starting on this path with the MLM Superheroes, Empower Network, and My Lead System Pro.  Little says the the real recognition goes out to David Wood for designing such a great program that can benefit both novice and advanced marketers. With training products that are incredibly effective and 100% commissions, Little says that it’s one of the best programs he has ever seen online. Also, Little stated that marketing My Lead System Pro the funded proposal system allowed him on the front end  to generate thousands of dollars on the front end and generate highly targeted leads for his primary business Empower Network.  Also, he stated that the trainings on different internet marketing strategies and internet marketing training products that are offered by 6 and 7 figure earners within the My Lead System Pro community has helped him to achieve the goals within his online business.

My Lead System Pro the funded proposal system also has provided Daren Little with thousands of dollars per month outside of the income he is making in the Emppower Network.  With Empower Network, affiliates get access to a fully optimized blogging platform for $25 a month. They can upgrade to the Inner Circle Training for an additional $100 a month where they get access to weekly calls from 7 figure income earners, top marketers and trainers.

The Empower Network offers :

a). The Top Producer Formula for $500
A “Must Have” for online marketing education!  This video series was recorded in the mountains, near the beautiful beaches of Top Producer Formula with some of the most knowledgeable entrepreneurs in the online business.  This small, tight knit group of incredible online marketers got together to share their secrets with the select few in attendance.  In fact, the strategies they were sharing were so powerful there were only 10 seats available.  Those 10 fortunate individuals paid $2,997 plus airfare just so they could learn from “master marketers” and finally have the potential to get the results they desired.  The sessions were recorded and edited down to the very best, most powerful “money-making” techniques so you may rise to the top and be the best you can possibly be! This video series includes a 42 page online instructional manual, 12 hours of video, quizzes and step-by-step guidelines.

b). The Team Building Formula for $1000
Looking for strategies and marketing tricks that work? Look no further.  Simply put, the strategies in the Team Building Formula work and can be used in any business, which is why people rave about the product.  The Team Building Formula is a comprehensive set of video modules to show you as many marketing methods as possible, so you can choose for yourself the best option that will work with your personality. The truth about making money online is that there are a loyt of different roads up the mountain.”  With so many people creating massive results in so many different ways, we decided to share some of them with you.  Not only will these remarkable individuals tell you how they did it – they will show you!  Extraordinary results are created in a variety of ways.  Example Modules are: “Clarity for Success”, “Compelling Content Mastery”, “7 Figure Email Secrets”, Dynasty Team Buiulding Formula”, and “selling Through The Power of Video.”  What’s the strategy that will guide you and help you reach your desired level of success?  The sky’s the limit in the Team Building Formula with so many possibilities to learn from experts in in the field and take your business to the next level.

c.) Mass Influence Formula for $3500

In one word, Powerful! This is the graduate level series for those individuals who want the million dollar secrets to accelerate their business and put into action the keys to success.  It will exceed your expectations and with Dave Wood at the helm, you will receive the direction you need to recognize how to attain sales faster and easier than ever before.  There is actually a science to marketing online.  There are several different phases of growth in business.  After you go through the Mass Infliuence Formula, you will know exactly where you are in your business and you will have a game plan to reach your goals.  Example courses include, “niche Marketing”,”Email Marketing”, “Perpetual Marketing”,”exponential Income”,”Essentials in Content”,”The Hero’s Journey”,”Leverage Loist Building”, Myths and Truths of Duplication,” and so much more!

Affiliates can start with Empower Network for only $25 and upgrade to the Inner Circle whenever they want – making the program an easy market entry and easy to market to the masses. The  training products the Top Producer Formula, The Team Building Formula, and the Mass Influence Formula are all optional. If an affiliate has purchased these products, they collect 100% of the commissions for reselling them. If they have not purchased the products but someone they enroll purchases them, those commissions roll-up to their referrer.  However, the affiliate only has to make one sale of these lifetime one time cost products and they will earn the right to sell these products for the rest of the time that they are an Empower Network Affiliate.  The monthly residual based products in the Empower Network are the Kalatu Basic, the Kalatu Premium, and the Inner Circle.  My Lead System Pro the funded proposal system offers monthly continuity income, top-tier income, and product income.

People with no internet experience can get access to valuable training information they need to create content, generate leads and create both passive and residual income.  Empower Network currently ranks at 652 most trafficked site on the web. With so many people blogging on the platform, it makes it an authority site and allows for much higher ranking on Google.  My Lead System Pro the funded proposal system has also recently allowed its members access to a blog.

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