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Make Your Email Marketing Awesome With PPC

May 12, 2016 | Author: | Posted in SEO

In the era of digital marketing, email marketing is highly effective, it is one of the excellent way to get connected and engaged with the targeted audience. With the passage of time, people claim that email marketing no longer remains effective so somewhere it is just misconceptions. Email marketing is still alive and growing as well, you can say that it is like a Boss. It takes effort and time, but cheapest as well as effective advertising technique. Combination of email marketing and PPC will deliver a successful marketing campaign. Today, in this article we will highlight few ways to make your email marketing awesome with PPC.

Use Paid search to grow your email list- Paid search is the perfect option to grow your email list. You can display your ads, products and services to searcher via PPC. If they click- through to your website then you can get their email details in following ways:

Set up an email address form fill or you can do a simple thing, like “ subscribe us for more information”
Capture email address of the buyer during the purchasing process
If you fail to get the email address as above method then don’t worry! You can go for secondary call to action on your landing page to solicit their email address for future nurtures.

Inclue a compelling call to action- Call to action is one of the crucial step in driving email conversion, include a compelling call to action to drive more and more customer to the website. You wasted a great headline if they don’t include a compelling call to action.

Upload your email list to run identity based PPC Ads- identity based marketing is the new trend of strategy and most important trend in PPC. It is the perfect convergence of PPC and email marketing. Advertisers can upload targeted email list on Twitter and Facebook.

Test visual with paid search- This will hopefully touch on all the various elements you might hear uttered in the same breath as paid search, taking in such puzzling acronyms as PPC, CPM, CPC, SERP plus a few other made-up ones that I’ll throw in just for fun.

Use email performance to drive Gmail sponsored promotions Messaging- With Gmail Sponsored Promotion you can target prospective clients based on their Gmail account activity. If the keywords you’re bidding on exist in their inboxes,your ad will be eligible to appear in their Gmail account.

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