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Lend a Timeless Elegance to your Home with Hudson Valley Lighting

July 29, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

Lighting often surpasses its function of illuminating spaces in home interiors and exteriors. They become an integral part of the lifestyle. Hudson Valley Lighting is one such brand of lighting fixtures, which is known for its impeccable quality, design, and beauty. The manufacturer houses splendid light fixtures that bring home an unmatched elegance.

Product range, themes, and styles

The brand offers an assortment of lighting products for use in any space in the house. These include bath and vanity lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, flush mounts, island lights, pendants, picture lights, semi-flush mounts, and table lamps. These products are crafted to perfection using exciting combinations of metal and glass and are available in varied finishes like Polished Nickel, Distressed Bronze, Aged Brass, and so on.

Based on the lighting style, Hudson Valley fixtures are available across six prominent categories :

•  Bold & Glamorous

This style draws inspiration from striking Hollywood designs, and lends a luxurious flair and dramatic look to lighting fixtures. The Bold and Glamorous lights are great at making statements in modern abodes. They are characterized by geometric figures and topped with shimmering details that draw instant attention. Opulent crystals, lustrous finishes, and cool acrylic shades splashed across cast metal too add a dazzling effect to this range of lights from Hudson Valley.

•  Chic Vintage & Industrial

Chic Vintage and Industrial lights are an eclectic mix of rugged, utilitarian designs, refined materials, and premium finishes. Be it in an urban home or at a countryside holiday resort, these fixtures impart a pleasing and welcoming aura to interiors. This style of lighting draws immensely from Machine Age motifs and makes use of metal shades, gear teeth, bulb guards and engineered prismatic glass to bring about the industrial feel with a modern twist.

•  Classic Heritage

The style borrows it beauty from antiques and heirloom inspirations and imparts a heritage-filled charm to contemporary dwelling spaces. It also draws inspiration from designs that transpired through Western civilization between the late 17th and 19th centuries. The Classic Heritage range of lights are characterized by ornamental motifs, intricate details, extensive scrollwork, pleated shades, and lathe-cut turned holders. These features bring about a classic, old world charm to modern homes, and render an admiration – worthy appeal to them.

•  Timeless Elegance

Timeless Elegance, as the name suggests, comprises of simple yet sophisticated light fixtures that transcend time to lend beauty to living abodes. Devoid of fussy ornamentation, these lights feature sturdy forms and refined silhouettes, and add an iconic touch that are perfect for transitional interiors.

•  Warm Modern

Warm Modern lighting fixtures from Hudson Valley feature interesting cosmopolitan designs that bring about a sophisticated appeal effortlessly. They are shaped by the idea that form follows functions, and draw inspiration from the 20th century designs schools like Bauhaus, Mid-Century Modernism, Organic, Sculptural; continuing all the way into Eco-conscious and Geometric styles of current times. These lights are clean, balanced, and calm, making them the perfect addition to 21st century homes.

Lighting ‘Families’

In addition to the different styles, Hudson Valley classifies its products based on ‘families’. These are organized collections of light fixtures where an idea, theme, or inspiration extends itself to more than one kind of product. The brand offers over a 100 such ranges spread across different lighting styles.

Why Hudson Valley

Quality and craftsmanship lie at the heart of Hudson Valley products. The lights are manufactured using only high grade materials and superior manufacturing techniques that result in the creation of heirloom pieces. For nearly thirty years, they have delivered impeccable, design-centric products with superior form and finish, to homes across the globe. Lighting products from Hudson Valley stand testimony to the brand’s constant and continued effort to create beautiful lighting fixtures with close attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship.


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