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Legalising & Apostille Documents for Abroad Employment & Study

August 22, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Education

Now a day More people are moving to abroad for Higher studies. But All the educational universities / Institutions are asking to prove the Authenticity of the Educational Document. To prove the authenticity of the document must be legalised from the issuing authority as well as concerned authorities of Ministry of the External Affairs.

People are seeking to study  in  Europe , Canada , USA, Australia and some other countries which are coming under the HAGUE convention then their to prove the authenticity of the document must have to Apostille. Apostille is only done by the Ministry of External Affairs. If one Apostille is done then these document can be accepted their without any further legalization.

There is also increasing the opportunity of teaching experience in the other nation then it must have to  legalize the Academic Qualification or Apostille to get the Employment ID.

People who are in study in abroad and find the job in other branches then it must have to be legalised Apostille the document. Actually requirement of Apostille is Employer to verify the document and it is also responsibility of the Employer to share the legalised or Apostille document with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue the work permit or permanent residence permit.

The most important things are that document Apostille or legalised it just matches according to the Nature of the requirement.

For the study visa their Educational certificate, Medical Fitness certificate, PCC, passport copy, Transcript, Bank statement and solvency letter must have to be legalised or Apostille.

For the Employment visa their Education certificate, Experience certificate, PCC, Medical certificate Birth Certificate Must have to legalised or Apostille.

For the dependent visa their Birth certificate / Marriage certificate, polio Card / Vaccination Card in case of Kids and Medical certificate in case of adult must have to be Apostille.

It is clear that all the document which require Apostille / Legalization totally purpose. As above mention that document Apostille / Legalization totally depends on the visa purpose.

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