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All about LED Track Lighting

June 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

LED track lighting is a kind of indoor lighting scheme that is known for its versatility, adaptability and flexibility. It consists of numerous lighting fixtures attached to a lengthy fixed track, with electrical connections and conductors attached to it. These fixtures can be easily removed, replaced and fixed back on and the track can be of fixed, adjustable as well as fluid or unconventional shapes. Track lights are widely used in art galleries, museums and for various other display purposes for the following reasons.

• The fixtures on these tracks are not fixed and can be moved along the tracks to suit the requirements of the premise and circumstance.
• Since these fixtures are movable, it is easier to have a well distributed and focused lighting scheme even with the most minimal equipment available.
• Since it’s very easy to remove and replace these fixtures, different lights of different colors can be used to create different moods and atmospheres, especially in places like art galleries and museums.
• Since track lights offer a great amount of flexibility with their shapes, it becomes much easier to distribute the illumination according to our preferences and create a custom atmosphere to suit our mood.
Considering these many illumination options track lights open up, they are nowadays extensively used to brighten up residence and offices spaces to accentuate and accompany revolutionary interior design concepts.

Coming to LED track lighting now, these are the track lights which use LED for the lights instead of the old incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and lamps. The revolution that the LED is stirring up in household and commercial lighting is already raising many eyebrows and is being called the final step in achieving the most energy efficient lighting scheme. Instead of a single light, LED is a cluster of many tiny ones, which placed under a diffuser lens to give out a good spread and wide beam of cool and ambient light. They consume very less power, achieve maximum efficiency, and give out cool and ambient lights whose intensity can be varied and colors changed. Adding to it, LEDs don’t require an initial warm up time and are less sensitive to temperature fluctuations, vibrations and abrasive climate, hence offering ridiculous amounts of illumination hours. LEDs are the main feature of LED track lighting for the above mentioned advantages of LED and the below mentioned practical options they offer along with the track lighting scheme.

• Since the fixtures can be moved anywhere along these tracks and since LEDs are known for their highly directional and focused illumination scheme, LED track lighting becomes the prefect option for creating a custom atmosphere that’s needed to highlight display objects of high artistic or material value.

• Another reason why LED track lighting is used to showcase and highlight art pieces made of cloth and other kinds of fabric is because the light emitted by the LED is cool and ambient without any UV rays in it. Thus, it prevents the artworks from fading and getting affected by the harshness and insensitivity of UV rays.

• LED track lighting is more focused and directional because of the monochromatic feature LEDs exhibit. Also, the light can be dimmed and brightened any time and the colors can be changed to appreciate your mood and taste.
• Lastly operational costs are reduced attributing to the multiple benefits of LEDs such as less power consumption, minimal equipment, more focused illumination and long lasting life.

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