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Know About the Types of Outdoor Signs

June 10, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

Advertising is an age old marketing method which is used for promoting and selling products. In 2015 alone the companies world over spent an astonishing amount of US$ 592.43 billion on advertising their products.

There are lots of ways you can promote your business or sell products. Last few years outdoor advertising industry and sign business in Kansas City has grown rapidly, and lots of innovative ways are used to promote the products. Sign boarding is one of the cheapest ways that can reach millions of people at low cost. Your company sign is the first image that your customer encounters. However, many businesses spend a little time on selecting a sign company that can create a lasting effect on consumer mind. A quality sign can create the impression that your products are the best in the competition. Selecting the right kind of Signage Company is vital for business success.

Choosing Sign Company in Kansas City

You can find many signage manufacturers that offer a broad choice. Sign companies also provide a full range of services that includes designing, manufacturing, fixing, permit securing, and maintenance agreements. Selecting a sign company is like shopping for any other products in the market.

Why Should You Choose Signage Advertising

The effectiveness of signage advertising is well proven. The below statistics highlight its importance:

– 8 in 10 customers said they visited the nearest store based on sign image. It gives nearly 76% conversion rate.

– More than 75% customers told others about a company based on their signage design and wordings.

– Nearly 69% consumers believe that a company with proper signage will offer excellent service and product.

– More than 60% don’t enter shops that do not have the signage

– Many potential customers live within 5 miles radius from your store. That means a customer sees your signage board nearly 60 times in a month or twice a day. Therefore, your sign entices people to come into the store by impulsion.

– Word of mouth is crucial in increasing sales. Latest research reveals that more than 80% of business happens due to sign and word of mouth in local stores.

– Changing the visibility of the signage board improve sales and profits.

– Misspelled or poor quality signage stop customers entering into stores.

– Many customers don’t know your product or business because you don’t have signage board displayed outdoors. A quality outdoor signage can attract more local customers.

– If you spend millions on advertising, and it doesn’t reach the potential customer, it will become a burden. Every 0.02$ spent on signage board potentially secures 1000 views of the customers.

Now it is time to realize the importance of signs and start hiring a sign business in Kansas City to promote your product and improve your profit ratio.

The author of this article is an expert signage manufacturer who has extensively used signs for marketing. His blog here highlights the advantages of choosing the right sign company in realizing the benefits of traditional advertising.

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