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Kids Trundle Beds – A Delight to have at Home

August 17, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Online Shopping

This article is dedicated to all those parents who are in the process of or about to make a crucial decision of their lives – ‘How to Decorate your kid’s Room’. Undoubtedly these parents are going through a very tough time and your friends who are still leading a honeymoon life are incapable of understanding the pressure or providing any suggestion and are rather pulling your legs for being a bore or a nagging parent. No need to worry any more or ask for anyone’s suggestion, for I am going to help you see into the depth of the matter and try and educate you just a bit about kids trundle bed, bunk bed, loft bed, novelty bed and make some comparisons.

Before you start reading this article, you must take a pen and paper and jot down your priorities for your kid’s/kids’ room. It can be actually long and you may shy away from writing all that because it’s just too much and you are assuming that it’s not possible to fulfil all that. But I can promise you that however much the demand, the present generation of kid’s furniture world is able to satisfy you and in fact amaze you with its offerings.

Having written down all your priorities and needs means you are already half way through your tough job. Next comes the knowledge sharing – think of the most important furniture in your kids room – the BED. If you can decide on what bed to buy, you are another mile ahead towards the finish.

Kinds of Kid’s Beds and their Benefits

Novelty Bed – Best for a young kid ready to move out of a toddler bed. It’s time to build a strong night time habit, but it’s difficult to set them into the routine. It is here that the novelty bed plays its role. These are very colourful and alluring and help nurture an imaginative mind. Most children are very fond of them, thus parents rate them very highly.

Loft Beds – Very similar in approach, that is, they are highly attractive for kids but best for children above six years if not more. Kids of this age shall be able to manoeuvre up and down the steps well. The height of the bed is the actual attraction and the point of adventure in this bed. Plus they have enough open space underneath and can be utilised for absolutely anything one can think of; they can even be modified according to the age and need of the child.

Bunk beds – A further addition to the loft bed; influenced by the sleeping berths in a ship; these are fit for two children. Siblings with small age gap enjoy sharing this bed. Highly space efficient, these modern bunk beds are also designed with utmost safety in mind. They can be a great addition to the kids’ room if they are sharing a single room. Bunk beds are highly popular in cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney where population is high and houses are comparatively small.

Trundle Beds – There’s a completely different section of kid’s beds called the Trundle beds, but this design of trundle or the extra rolling bed under the main bed has now been incorporated with nearly every design of kid’s bed. They are common under normal single and twin beds but now also can to be found with bunk and novelty beds. These are the real winners – in design, space saving as well as accommodating a sudden guest.

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