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Key Advantages of Modern ENT Microscope

September 11, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Are you looking for ENT microscopes for treating patients? Often they come with HD video camera adapters for facilitating imaging and documentation. The HD cameras offer high-quality imaging in ultra-compact design. Most of the video camera adapters are simple and can be easily attached to microscope, proving high resolution, incredible depth of field and low light performance. Today, digital photography has become an integral part of dental practice and can be powerfully combined with the advantages of dental microscope.

Let’s have a look at the key benefits of using ENT Microscope :

1.  Automatic Framing – While taking photographs through ENT microscope, you can get exact and accurate replications of images. Framing is automatic. Moreover, you can take the pictures and evaluate the results within a few seconds. Hence, there is almost no interruption to the dental treatment to your patient. Besides, the wide visual paths of the Mount & SLR Mount cameras allow faster shutter speeds, reducing blur.

2.  Electronic Documentation – Moreover, by using ENT microscope, you can document the entire procedures electronically. This helps in efficient archiving of patient records. As a result, you can have effective communication with referring colleagues and insurance companies. In addition to this, you can make great preparation for case presentations. Besides, this system is well-matched with digital radiography.

3.  High Resolution Images – ENT microscopes provide high resolution images. Improved LED technology along with a new ergonomic design and the direct-to-port delivery system delivers the perfect lighting solution for the clinical microscope. So, you can easily take pictures through your microscope to show your patients and educate them about your dental treatment. The patients can grasp a better understanding about the treatment through high resolution images and can develop trust in your service.

4.  Virtual Beam splitter Redirecting Small Amount of Light – Virtual beam splitter is a major development in the process of capturing video documentation through microscope. This helps in redirecting a small amount of light to the camera, which is less than 5%, whereas most of the light remains available to the operator. It is better than the  traditional beam splitter containing two cube prisms, reflecting 50% of the available light across each prism area through partially reflective coatings. In the virtual beam splitter the light is not split through partially reflective coatings and is accomplished by a totally reflective coating across a small area of the beam splitter. The remaining area remains entirely transmissive. Here, the primary user gets 96.5% of the light across a large area of the beam splitter. The camera obtains 100% of the light across the area of the small center. Ultimately, this results in indistinguishable light loss to the primary user and illumination for getting exceptional video. In this technology, the video camera receives the same amount of light like a conventional beam splitter but with an effective iris, half the size of the normal requirement, resulting in an incredible video depth of field.

Choose one of the best ENT microscopes for your surgery and get an enhanced view, better ergonomics, more trust with patients and improved integration. Purchase the right instrument matching your requirement and improve the quality of dental inspection and treatment.



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