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Japan Collagen for Advance Beauty and Health Formulation

July 14, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Nutrition & Supplement

The protein which is already present in the human body collagen is hard and insoluble protein that makes about one third of proteins in human body. These proteins hold the whole body together, the collagen is contain in body tissues, cells, muscles and bones where it forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure. As collagen breakdown the numbers of health problem in the body let’s talk about some facts –
Collagen build about 30 to 40% of proteins in human body.

From numbers of collagen our body contain only 3 types of collagen
Mostly collagen is found in bones, tissues and muscles.
Give the body strength and structure, plays a vital role in replacement of dead skin cells.
Collagen in medical products can be derived from human, bovine, porcine and ovine sources.
Collagen production is decline with age as we go above 25.
Controllable factors that damage the production of collagen include sunlight, smoking and high sugar consumption.

Gelatine the edible product is highly concentrated with collagen easily digestible powdered gelatine has recently become an available source to add to a wide variety of foods! The new gelatine, otherwise known as Collagen Hydrolysate, or Collagen peptide, is a purified form of collagen, extracted from cattle hinds, such as bovine, and contains around 90% protein content.

Some impressive benefits of Collagen

Weight Loss
Collagen contain great source of proteins and provide 18 grams of protein per serving Studies show that collagen peptides consumed at breakfast are 40% more satiating than other proteins. Try collagen supplements if you are looking to jumpstart your weight loss efforts. Individuals can therefore benefit from losing weight by consuming edible collagen.
Joint and Bone Health
Amino acid contain in collagen and proline repair the tissues which gives relief from joint pain. The glycine also speeds wound healing, helps stiff joints and promotes recovery. It improves the bone density Collagen peptides stimulate osteoblasts, which are the cells responsible for bone formation
Sleep Tonic
Glycine plays an important role in the neurotransmitters within the brain. Recent research shows that glycine improves sleep quality who have difficulty sleeping. Ingesting collagen improves sleep quality but it also helps reduce daytime sleepiness and helps improve memory during waking hours.
The difference between gelatin and collagen peptide.

When collagen is cooked it became gelatin and then dried and processed into powder and when mixed with water became gel.
Collagen peptide

Peptides are processed so the amino acid contain in collagen are broken down by our digestive system making it easier to digest absorbed faster by the body Collagen Peptides will not gel and are easily mixed into hot or cold beverages and liquids.
Better Digestion
Healthy digestive system is a great way to live happy and energetic life alternatively, a weak digestive system can result in feeling inactive and tired, make you feel demotivated and it can cause stomach pains. Collagen can reduce the digestive problems due to soothing properties of one of the amino acids glycine.

Collagen in daily diet is helpful for various health and skin problems, vital proteins gives you extra energy and boosting metabolism for better health and immune system. The information given is not been evaluated by any health ministry. Follow a balanced life style and daily exercise for general health and wellness.

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