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How to Improve Your Baby IQ before Birth

February 19, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Parenting

IQ is one of the common things every baby gets in the mother’s womb. The IQ level of each baby can be improved by the lifestyle followed by the mother during pregnancy. Improving your baby’s IQ in the womb is much great things and that’s easy by the proper food habits you intake. It is proven the capability of a mother’s habits in influencing her child’s IQ. Some of the habits need to resorted in order to increase the IQ level of the baby in the womb.

The health of the foetus is ensured by adopting a healthy life by every pregnant woman. The growth of the baby in the womb depends on the healthy diet preferred by the pregnant woman. Here are some of the ways to improve your baby IQ level in the womb.

Speak with your baby

Baby in the womb can hear human voice from 15 weeks into pregnancy. As mother talks to her baby in the womb, the baby gets much closer with the mother than father after birth. The only way to stimulate your baby’s brain is to talk with the baby regularly. Try to read some stories aloud when you are about to sleep. Read as many as good things and make yourself pleasant every time. The habit of reading helps to improve the child’s IQ level in the womb.

Play a pleasant music

Make your baby comfortable by hearing a pleasant melody. The foetus can sense the rhythm and the sound produced. This helps in the brain development and thus stimulate propensity towards learning. Avoid going to functions and public places during pregnancy. The sound pollution produced can affect the baby ear drum as it is very soft.

Don’t stress yourself

Avoid stress during pregnancy as it may create much illness to foetus. The baby gets affected in many ways by the level of stress you maintain every day. Doctor advices every pregnant woman to keep calm and stay pleasant. Do things which make you comfortable like reading books, doing crafts etc. Reduce stress levels if you wish to enable seamless brain development of your child. Watch some good movies, think in a wise way, get help from your partner if you can’t, as they are ready to help out any time.

Avoid bad habits

Give up both smoking and drinking during pregnancy. These are considered to be the worst habit for pregnant women. Smoking affects the child’s brain and the IQ level. Avoid drinking alcohol and other beverages like Coca-Cola etc. Take fresh fruit juice and only some fruits are recommended to eat during pregnancy as it may affect baby’s health in the womb.

Take care of womb

Care for your womb in a cautious way. This helps to stimulate the growth of foetus. The blood flow is enhanced by taking care of womb in a better way. Apply oil to the pregnant woman’s stomach to get a pleasing effect. The tightened skin gets soft by messaging with the oil. Apply some oil to the leg in order to feel relaxed.

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