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Important Tips To List Your Website on Google News in 2016

April 14, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Search Engine Optimization

To enhance the visibility and ranking of the website, it is mandatory to list your website on Google News. It is one of the ideal option for business owner to reach large number of targeted audiences. It is as effective like other digital marketing strategy as social media marketing. Google News collects and aggregates news stories and headlines from various sources and display them according to the preference and interest of the users. In this article, we will give you some important tips to list your website on Google these are some guidelines, even some of the practical advice will help you to get your news into other digital resources like Yahoo.

General Guidelines to list the website on Google News

• The content should be relevant and of perceived interest to the Google News audience. Some of the content like tips and advice, job adverts and weather reports not falling into this area.
• Readability and originality of the content is ideal for SEO services as well as for Google news. You should differentiate between self generated and aggregated content and it should be well written.

Technical Guidelines

There are numbers of technical factors associated with Googe News so you need to ensure the following

• URLs and anchor link of the content should be unique and permanent
• Content is provided in HTML format only. Javascript and other content types cannot be crawled or displayed.
• The domain needs to be accessible to search engine bots.

Quality Guidelines

This quality of the content is important for every aspect for Google news. If you unsure about quality in content, then you can go for Webmaster Quality Guideline. Ensure your content exceeds the basic requirements like depth, variation, trust and statistics. Google accepts the news content only. It does not accept business advertisement or anything promotional.

Google News Tips and Advice

News content should be clearly labeled- The News content of the Google should be precise and clearly labeled. News content needs to load quickly, be rich in information and accessible. To list the website in Google News you have to be consistent, publish the article and blog regularly – every week or every day. Make the content easy to read and share.

News sitemap- If you want to take control over the news content, then create a unique site map for Google News and submit this direct to Google. The sitemaps speed up and improve the success rates for the Google finding your content and displaying it within the search results.

Submitting the website- Check the content, before submit it. Many website owners forget to go through the application process. By doing so, you will get feedback to improve your content being picked up in the future.

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