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Importance Of Melt Flow Rate In PET Industries

July 8, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Industrial Mechanical

The rheological properties of polymers are one of the most important aspects that define the quality and attributes of the polymers. By determination of these rheological properties, the best quality control of the polymeric materials and products could be achieved. The melt flow index of a polymer or plastic material is one of the best ways to determine or evaluate the rheological properties of polymers; the melt flow index gives vital information about the fundamental properties of polymers such as viscosity, molecular structure, chemical properties, etc. This is why, the manufacturers of different polymers such as plastics, PET, etc. need to determine the precise value of the melt flow index of the resins they will be using for manufacturing. The melt flow index tester is a widely used instrument that helps in determining the melt flow of the materials with great accuracy.

To find the melt flow index of a given polymeric resin, the barrel of the MFI tester is heated to the melting point of resins. Then the resins to be tested are inserted in the barrels. This melts the resins, and this molten resin comes out from the orifice die. After ten minutes, the molten resin that has come out of the orifice die, are cut and weighed. This gives the melt flow rate of the material.

Highlights of Presto’s Melt Flow Index Tester

  1. The instrument comes with different accessories such a plunger, piston, dead weights,
  2. The instrument comes with a digital preset timer for exact timing of the test results.
  3. There are both manual and automatic cutting of test samples.

Technical Specifications of Presto’s Melt Flow Index Tester

  1. The maximum range of temperature that can be attained through the instrument is from ambient to 4000
  2. The instrument has an accuracy of ± 0.10C and has a resolution of 10
  3. The instrument complies with the quality testing standards IS 2530-1963 (R2003) and IS 2267-1972.
  4. There is a digital laboratory balance available with the instrument as an optional accessory.

Use of Melt flows Index in PET industries

In today’s time, the PET bottles are one of the most widely used options for packaging. They are manufactured by injection molding or blow molding processes. In both the processes, it is essential to know the melt flow index of the resins through which the PET preforms are manufactured. This helps in performing the molding processes with great accuracy. The manufacturers need to ensure that the PET products they deliver to the customers are of best quality, and the Melt flow index tester helps in achieving that quality.

The instrument is very easy to use for the customers. The automatic and manual cutting options for the samples ensure the best operation according to the needs of the users.

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