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How to Use a Job Search App Efficiently

June 13, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Interviews

The internet today is buzzing with thousands of job search websites and apps. Job seekers have a lot of apps to choose from. You can apply for a job, submit your resume or just go through relevant opportunities with a job search app. It somewhat astonishes me that only a small percentage of the job seekers actually land a job through the job search apps. While this may have to do with a lot of things, it definitely has something to do with proper usage of the apps.

The job search apps can really be effective if you are choosing the right ones and using them in a disciplined manner. Yes, the key ingredient of a successful job search is discipline. Plan your usage of the job search apps as if you were planning a project in your professional life. Be professional in your hunt and you will draw the results faster.

Do not expect it to do the job for you

The commercial line on the applications installation page might have told you that it finds you a job, believe me it does not. It helps you. Take the help in offer and put it to good use. A job search app commonly works in two ways:

  • It gives you a list of all the openings that fall in line with your qualifications and lets you apply.
  • It links the ads posted by employers to your credentials and refers you to the employers so they can call you for an interview.

It saves you from scouring the job boards for hours and writing a million cover letters. But you must realise that searching out the best options is still up to you and so is following up the application.

Make a routine

Do not just install a job app on your phone and hope that it will get you a job out of the blue. It will not. Probably you are not satisfied with having one job app and have multiple of those; do not pick and choose among them. Use all of them. Maybe you have already understood, why you need a routine for using job search apps; but for the record, you cannot handle or, let us say, you should not handle all the activities just randomly.

  • Assign one quarter of an hour to managing each app that you are using.
  • Check which companies are recommended or what offers you have gotten.
  • Mark the ones that you like, write them down on a sheet.
  • If you make applications, keep the record.

Following up

Some applications do allow you to keep track of your applications. Make sure you are using them. Make it a point to check whether any of your applications are being reviewed once in a while. Keep track of the companies that are considering your candidature and if you really want to work for one of them do not be afraid to shoot a mail expressing your interest, without sounding desperate.

Use the keywords and filtration properly

If you know the right key words and use them smartly while entering your qualifications and skill set into the job search app, you are likely to get better and faster results. The proper keywords help the application to link your profile easily to the opportunities and chances are less that you will be lost among thousands of candidates.

If you set your filters such that you are fed with skill or industry specific jobs it becomes a lot easier for you to pick the right ones for you.

These are very simple techniques, very easy to follow; all you need is a little bit of patience and discipline. Keep these points and in mind; your job search will end sooner than you thought.

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