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How to Make the Most of your Outdoor Wedding Venue

August 1, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Hotels and Lodging

Choosing an outdoor venue is in fact, a great choice to make your wedding ceremony as elegant as ever. Rather than restricting fun within a confined space, outdoor wedding venues lets you embrace everything nature has got to offer. Outdoor venues also give you the opportunity to craft a wedding style of your own choice unlike traditional venues. Here are some tips for making the most out of your outdoor wedding venue.

1. Depending on the seasonality of flowers and trees, garden venues can look attractive and best at specific times in a year. You could ask for different photos of the outdoor wedding venue to see how it looks during your preferred season. You could also set your wedding date close to when the outdoor venue looks at its best.

2. When you choose an outdoor wedding venue such as garden, ensure that everyone would have access to amenities such as restrooms and that there’s provision of electricity for DJ, lights, catering and other associated services. Comprehensive wedding services can make sure all arrangements are in place.

3. There is indeed one challenge to face when choosing outdoor wedding venue – weather. Even when you are getting married during mid-summer, it is always wise to have a backup plan to be implemented during an unanticipated downpour. This includes hiring umbrellas or arranging an indoor venue to provide shelter for guests.

4. If you consider partying at night, ensure that arrangements are made for lighting. Adequate lighting must be set to instigate the right mood and ambience. Flaming torches and candle lights are also great options for lighting outdoor venues.

5. When choosing outdoor wedding venues, pay attention to your outfit too. During summer season when the sun is out and shining, you’ll have to ensure that the bridal gown chosen is lightweight for you to bear with the heat. Not to forget maintaining the freshness of flowers.

6. Just in case you are in doubt that your outdoor venue wouldn’t look great on wedding day, go for potted plants or cut flowers to complement its natural beauty.

7. While choosing a wedding photographer, make sure you’re choosing someone experienced in outdoor photography. This is because outdoor photography requires special exposure settings and other elements, unlike indoor photo shoot.

8. Don’t hesitate to personalize your outdoor wedding venue. Be creative and choose anything that caters to your taste. This could be using decorative birds and butterflies, or utilizing flower pots and watering cans.

Hiring a certified wedding planner is not a bad idea, as they are experts in bringing your visions into reality. Choose your ideal wedding venue in Swan Valley, Perthand bring out the perfect wedding of your dreams.

The author is a qualified wedding planner having an experience of more than 4 years. He offers important tips to use outdoor wedding venue in Swan Valley, Perth to the best advantage. Visit

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