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How to keep your mobile app in demand after launch

July 29, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Marketing & Advertising

A moment arrives when a web developer is done with his mobile app development and launched it into the Apple store along with Google play store. It is delighted to know that it is undoubtedly doing great. But what about consistency? Initially, users download it and when find it good, they recommend it to their friends and family. The crucial part comes when you have to keep the momentum constant besides thousands of apps are developed daily. Before heading to the discussion about how to keep up the pace, let’s discuss a few facts and figures.

– Did you know that Android’s market share (82.8%) is six times bigger than iOS (13.9%), though iOS has started dominating in countries like Japan, Denmark, UK, USA and France in terms of flexible and multi-featured application development services.

– As per a survey conducted in 2015, nearly 37 percent of website visitors come from mobile web browsers. Plus, by 2015 end, Chrome became the most popular web browser with 36.93% market share.

– Apart from it, 18 percent of Americans deploy mobile apps for a certain amount of regular bills.

– 68 percent of smartphone users check their phones after waking up in the morning.

Now, let’s discuss some tips on how to keep your mobile app in consistent demand:

1. After launching your app immediately, impression is the next thing. It is like either make it or break it, it’s totally in your hands. Around 80% of users stop engaging with their app after one week. Therefore, to make it in vogue, you need to highlight app’s functionalities or how it could simplify a customer’s life.

2. Secondly, don’t show all colors at once. While it is a good idea to make and launch your app with tempting features. The best thing is to release your initial version and make it mysterious for your audience to hold some grip. You can keep on releasing updated versions to be in demand. Do provide frequent updates to your users to keep them excited.

3. Lastly, make a column where your users can leave positive reviews or testimonials about your work. This factor is counted as an app store ranking and a good ranking contributes in making your app popular. Also, you can use these reviews in improving your app’s features. This can be done by reading those reviews as what people are looking for, what changes are required. If you notice these comments, you will get an idea about what elements can be beneficial and what factors are lowering down your rankings.Conclusion: If you want to download any app as per your requirements, always go for the one of the best application development outsourcing companies to save your time and of course, mobile data.

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