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How to Choose an Appropriate Hot Air Brush?

August 11, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Shopping

If you love the curtly and bouncy locks, there’s no need to rush to the professional hair stylists every time. Sometimes, you need to get your curly hair straightened or have bouncy curls in a jiffy. For such urgent hair styling needs, you must be geared with the right equipment like hot air brush. Unlike regular hair curlers, and curling irons, this brush is easier and safer to use. Without causing damage to your lovely tresses, it can add a lot of style to your looks. It is the revolutionary invention in the fashion world that you must also embrace. If you need help to choose the right brush, here it is :

Check Heating Barrel :

Heating barrel is the most significant part of hot air brush allowing it to work smoothly. The heat released from barrel is responsible to curl hair and mold them in desired style. It is quite imperative that the barrel disseminates the heat moderately because lesser heating will not give you the desired style while overheating can ruin your hair. The distribution of heat should be equal and even in all directions so that hair can be curled easily. Heating barrels can be detached from the brush in some brands while many others do not allow such compatibility.

Temperature Control Feature :

An effective hot air brush must have temperature control feature. It should able to adjust the heat to a lower or higher temperature as per requirement. Heat adjustment switch can be very useful if your scalp is dry. Dry scalp can’t bear intense heat of this brush. Oily skinned people need more heat to extract desired result in hairstyling. So, it is convenient to go for adjustable heating, distribution, and quality heating in brushes for hair styling.

Comfortable to Use :

Whichever brand you buy, it should be comfortable and effortless to handle. Oversized brushes are not easy to use for hair styling.  Heavier brushes can cause discomfort in your hands and they can be very painful to use. Hence, you should choose a brush that is compact in size, less weighty, and easy to handle. Also, look for brush that allows quick brushing of hair saving your efforts and time.

Prefer Long Cables :

Cables attached to hair brush are nevertheless ignored most of the time. But this is important. Short wire does not allow comfort of using. It will be very uncomfortable to use if your mirror is set at the distance from socket. Ideally, branded brush must be accompanied by 8 feet cable that allows mobility. With large cables, you can use hot air brush anywhere in your dressing room.
Quality Bristles:

You should give a close look to bristles of hot air brush. Heat in these brushes passes through bristles. Hence, it should be made of high quality nylon material which provides top class results in curling your hair. Perfect hot air brushes have soft and evenly distributed bristles that produce more negative ions.

Seamless Grip :

Gripping is an important fact you should look for while purchasing hot air brush. Curling of hair is not possible only through heat. It is equally essential to hold the brush at a right angle to get necessary results.

While buying a hot air brush for hair styling, always keep these handy tips in your mind.



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