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How Organizations and Individuals can Benefit from Sharepoint

September 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Technology

With organizations growing in numbers today, keeping a tab of the workflow between the team is a daunting task. And considering the deadlines they have to be met, it makes work management even more chaotic and unsystematic. To avoid irregularities in work, companies are spending thousands of dollars on countless teamwork management tools. Some of them have their pros and cons but still lack the efficiency to offer the best. Regardless of the plethora of collaboration tools available today, Microsoft’s Sharepoint is still regarded as simplest and efficient file management and collaboration tool and is assembled with many other features. It’s no surprise why many IT institutions today are still offering Sharepoint training to their students.

Sharepoint was first released in the market in the year 2001. Since then, Microsoft has made many improvements in it. Sharepoint assembles a host of features like enterprise document and document management, Intranet and social network, collaboration software, file hosting service and custom web applications. Although Sharepoint may sound like any other ordinary collaboration tool but it is not. Sharepoint is a unique platform that is installed on the back-end system and shared across the network where you are connected to it. There are other associated programmes that can be installed in the desktop like Sharepoint designer and Sharepoint workspace. But to interact with Sharepoint, you have to use a browser or Microsoft office.

So what is Sharepoint? How can organizations or individuals benefit from it? Well, it is hard to define Sharepoint or its advantages in a sentence rather Sharepoint is a robust platform that is formed by six various components: a) sites b) communities c) content d) search e) insights f) composites

  1. a) Sites: With the help of Sharepoint, making websites is quite easy as it is built with many features. Those features reduce the need for any complex tools or programmes to design a website regardless of the type. Unlike other website applications available on the internet, websites made by Sharepoint is designed for users to be a contributor to change or edit them with their liking.
  2. b) Communities: Sharepoint allows people to work together for a singular project. For example it allows one or more people to work on a shared word document. It can give you shared calendars, shared task list or shared dashing board; it keeps track of every content and aware you when things change.
  3. c) Content: Sharepoint gives you the advantage to place your content (video, documents, spreadsheets, images, databases, presentations, etc.) at one place instead of saving in a folder where it can monitored and supervised. If needed, Sharepoint can also act as a dumping ground you can work seamlessly without dragging your system.
  4. d) Search: Sharepoint is designed with super smart search engine to help you find the content securely.
  5. f) Insights: Sharepoint helps you amalgamate your information in an organised and presentable way.
  6. g) Composites: Sharepoint is made to be extended and customized. With programs like Sharepoint designers and visio you can build custom work flows without using codes.

All in all, Sharepoint is the ultimate platform one can have to make work be seamless. With a simple Sharepoint training session, one can easily understand its functions and leverage it to its optimum use.

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