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Holistic Methods Adopted by Chiropractors for Treating Allergies

July 16, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Allergies are one such common health condition that probably all of us experience at one or the other stage in our lives. If ailments like digestive reactions to substances and foods or migraine attacks are to be considered, then the problem of allergies are on the higher side.

Many of us consult chiropractors these days to treat the allergy related issues. This alternative natural method of treatment is highly preferred these days, compared to the traditional medical treatments. Here we shall address the way chiropractors address the allergy related issues following a holistic approach.

Holistic approach that the chiropractors adopt, address not only the problem of allergies, but also the root cause of the problem. The techniques which they follow to address the sensitivities and allergies are as follows :

•  Meridian Stress Assessment – Computerized analysis in this case measures galvanic conductivity in the acupoints. A chiropractor uses the sub-sensory electric signals to stimulate the body. This serves as the “electric blueprints” of the allergen suspected. This helps in reading the change or results of acupoints. Any out-of-the-range reading indicates severity and sensitivity.

•  Kinesiology – This technique is used for muscle testing and used for making a complicated condition simpler. Strong muscles are tested with an allergen. The muscles are tested to see if they get weak after exposure.

•  ASERT treatment – ASERT treatment or Allergy and Sensitivity Elimination Reprogramming Technique involves laser stimulation of the acupoints and the central nervous system with “electric blueprints” of the allergens that has been identified. This help to reprogram the body and brain with a new message that these won’t cause any harm.

•  Lifestyle & Nutritional Counseling: Apart from the laboratory procedures, a patient suffering from allergy issues is offered lifestyle and nutritional counseling as well. This helps a person to adjust to healthy lifestyle and healthy food practices. A chiropractor may also offer him specialized or customized guidelines for a healthy diet such as cleansing protocols or elimination diet.

As you can see, if you are looking for help, you must get in touch with a professional chiropractor to relieve your allergy related issues. Not only for your allergy problems, you can rely on the chiropractors for any kind of chronic pain that you have been suffering for long.

Factors to Consider while Seeking Treatment from Chiropractors :

All chiropractors do not fit into the same mould and thus it is very important that you communicate with them to get an idea about the philosophies and techniques they follow. While you interview the chiropractors, you can also ask about the costs. If you are asked to go for X-rays or some other tests, make sure to ask them why you are going for the tests. You must also ask if they accept insurance. In case you do not have insurance, you can ask about any discounts on the packages.

If you find the interview satisfying, you may ask for an appointment with the chiropractor and start the treatment.



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