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Here are Few Reasons LED lights are Most Preferred

June 16, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Product Reviews

The drive to go green is one the authorities are not taking lightly with strong legislations and policy to protect this drive. White-light-emitting LEDs aren’t common, but gradually they are gaining ground and steadily becoming the choice for smart people owing to the fact that they are friendly to our environment, amongst other advantages. Regardless of the scale or type of illumination, led lights come in quite handy, some of the applications include street lighting with the use of street light LED retrofit; public facilities like LED parking lot flood lights; led flood light kits, etc. Some of the unique facts about led light include the following:

Economic Efficiency. In the production of 800 Lumens of light, a typical incandescent bulb uses approximately 60 watts of electricity while a CFL uses about 13–15 watts, and LED consumes only 6–8 watts. This clearly shows how efficient it is in terms of cost, even though LED can cost 5 times higher or even more.

Light Quality. One of the least mitigation in the use of LED clusters is the fact that they are directional. Although this makes them suitable in spotlights, it makes it far from the best option as regards ambient lighting. The circuitry of the bulb is what determines the quality of light emitted by an LED. The output of bulbs with high powered circuitry gives full spectrum and ambient white light which can be compared to that produced in halogen bulbs (High-temp incandescent).

Health basis. LED converts alternating current to direct current. They do not flicker. Flickering from fluorescent bulbs is a recognized health hazard and this doesn’t occur in LED lights. LEDs do not also contain mercury which is an active component in CFL bulbs. This makes LED bulbs safer to discard. Zero emission of ultraviolet light makes LED safe to be around you without fear of radiation absorption. Low heat generation and low flame-ability are also some of the numerous advantages of LED over the bulbs.

Commercial Applications of LED. In business districts where lighting is required all day long, LED lights are more effective and designed to fit specific commercial needs like LED parking lot flood lights, street light LED retrofit and LED flood light fixtures.

LED lights should suffice since no individual isever comfortable withhigh electric bills neither is there any justification for the excessive and unnecessary wastage of generating power.

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