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Get the Best Hotel Deals in Orlando for Cheap

June 28, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Hotels and Lodging

Orlando, Florida is inseparable from the mystique of Disney World. This pioneering mega theme park was founded by Walt Disney in Orlando, selected for its good weather all year round. Other than the Disney complex, other big brands have started their own resorts and entertainment parks in Orlando. This gives visitors a chance to pack in a year’s worth of adventure in one short visit. The sights and sounds of Orlando, a fast growing city are also worth experiencing, with a vibrant nightlife, excellent dining options and a booming party scene.  With the millions of visitors coming to the city, there are a lot of hotel properties ready to welcome guests to stay.

With a little planning, you could save a neat packet on your room while staying at Orlando. Here are the best ways to get cheap room deals.

1.  Schedule your Vacation for Off-Peak periods or Book Well Ahead

Orlando is mainly a family destination so the school vacation months, weekends and long holidays see crazy demand for hotel rooms. However, the hotels have to fill up their properties in other periods as well, since they lose money each night a room stays unoccupied. So you can check online for big discounts on hotel rooms by planning well ahead of time for you visit during a weekday or in a non-holiday period. If you are pressed for time thanks to your schedule, the next best bet is to book your room a few months in advance. A lot of hotels will be happy to offer a good deal on rooms for reservations made sufficiently in advance. What you must definitely never do when visiting Orlando is landing up hoping to secure a hotel room after you arrive. You could get a room of course, but it may not be cheap.

2.  Sign up for Online Deals by Hotels

Most large hotels offer special room deals to their mailing list of existing and prospective customers. You can sign up for their emails easily from the hotel website. These deals are often very competitive and can match the prices offered by booking sites because of the low overheads involved for the hotel in directly getting the booking from visitors. Large hotel chains also offer free room nights to their loyalty circle holders so dust off that privilege card if you have it lying about.

3.  Vacation packages offered by Airlines

Airlines with major operations to Orlando often tie up with local hotels to offer discounted rooms to visitors. These deals are usually exclusively available through the airline, so check their booking sites or ask their customer service for any available packages while booking your ticket. Some packages are all-inclusive so they include the cost of meals and coach transport for an upfront payment. This can help you save money on dining while staying in Orlando.

A little bit of planning goes a long way when preparing for a vacation to Orlando. Use the tools of the Internet and some old fashioned sleuthing so that you can have a great time in the resort city. is a leading provider of low cost luxury vacation packages in top tourist destinations across the US like Orlando, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, etc. and has tie-ups with popular resorts, hotels, spas and theme parks, thereby helping its customers avail the best vacation and hotel deals.

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