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Gadgets To Assist Elderly With Dementia

March 23, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Elderly Care

Dementia is a medical condition which causes a gradual impairment of cognitive abilities. People suffering from this disorder may have problems related to memory, communication, reasoning and concentration. However, the advancement in technology has considerably improved the lives of Dementia patients. There are many gadgets that can prove to be a boon in improving their quality of life and confidence. These gadgets also help in minimizing safety risks and promoting self-dependence

Given below is a list of gadgets which can be helpful for the Dementia patients:

  • Tracking Devices: These are devices which can help in tracking the location of an individual. Wrist or ankle band that uses GPS system can be tied to track the location of the Dementia patients, in case they wander away. GPS enabled mobile phones can also be used to help them find their way. Many applications are being designed, such as tapping on a photo of a person to make a call, to help the patients contact their caretaker easily.

  • Alarms: Caretakers can install door alarms to provide indication as soon as the patient leaves the house or a room. Special kind of alarms with sensors can also be fitted in chairs or beds. The pressure pad in the alarm senses the weight of the person and rings if the person tries to get up, thereby, alerting the caretaker. A fire or burglar alarm is another option available to keep the elderly safe from any kind of undesirable situation.

  • CCTV Camera: In order to observe the movements and behavior of a Dementia patient, a CCTV camera can be installed in the house. It may be useful in those areas where the patient cannot be seen directly. Keeping a regular check on the patient can provide an aid in attending to his needs.

  • Special clock and calendars: People suffering from Dementia have poor retaining power. So, they may not be able to judge whether it is day or night. Special clocks are available that indicate day and night time clearly. Electronic calendars can also help in keeping a track of important visits and doctor’s appointment.

  • Messaging Devices: There are certain messaging devices which can act as reminders to take medications on time, take meal, go for the doctor’s appointment and complete other routine tasks. Other reminders to lock the door or check the keys can also be set to help the elderly perform their duties efficiently.

  • Recording Devices: Voice recorder in phones or other devices can help the Dementia patients save important messages in the form of audio files. The caretaker can also use such devices to give timely instructions to the patient when he is away.

  • Safety Devices: Automatic lights can be used to prevent the patient from falling or trips. Motion sensors used in these lights make them glow as soon as movement is detected. Automated shut-off devices may be installed which provides safety by stopping the gas supply if it is left on. Water isolation devices can turn off a tap if it is left open. Such devices can help to ensure the safety of Dementia patients.

Being equipped with the latest technology can provide assistance in taking proper care of Dementia patients. These gadgets can help them to live a comfortable and quality life.

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