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Four Reasons Why a Blockout Blind is best for Your Home

June 28, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

Blockout blinds consist of a solid sheet or covering that is mounted on a steel structure on your window frame. They work in such a way that they act as solid curtains which can be efficient light filters and sunscreens.

Buying blockout blinds online can be an excellent choice and here are a few reasons why:

1. Complete Blockout of Light

The trouble with curtains or other blinds is that when there are strong wind currents, these coverings can blow apart and leave the interiors of your home exposed to the direct heat and light from outside. But by using a blockout blind, wind currents have no chance in blowing apart. These blinds are fixed on a solid structure made of metal that ensures no cross-currents of wind can affect.

2. Flexibility in Covering Windows

An advantage of going for these blinds is that you can retract or roll down the blinds to different lengths to cover your windows fully or partially. It’s not possible with curtains as they have no structure that supports the fabric which covers the window, and leaving the curtain partially open might lead it to open fully with a little draught of wind.

3. Perfect Blending with Walls

One of the biggest factors considered while choosing window coverings is whether they go well with the surrounding walls, texture, and colour theme. Blockout blinds can be custom designed so that they blend well that your guests will have a hard time to tell your walls and coverings apart at a glance. Designers give you the freedom to choose the material, texture, and even colour themes when it comes to having custom blinds built for your home.

4. Heat Protection

One of the unique features of these blinds is that they work as active solar shields. These blinds contain a reflector panel in the outer layer that ensures that it not only blocks the light but also heat during the day time. Most of these blinds are designed for 100% light blocking and up to 40% heat blocking. However, custom designs are available which can help in blocking out varied degrees of heat. These blinds not only protect your home interiors from excess heat but also aid in heat retention.

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