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Folk art in interiors

May 22, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Online Shopping

Folk art is something that the artist makes from his heart and not from his mind. The person who is engaged in folk art is an illiterate who is not familiar with the geometric concept or any other dimensions as used for architecture or designing. The design and the form are very basic as he conceives in his surrounding environment. If he is tribal he is believed to be residing in a jungle, a rural area or a village. He doesn’t possess the tools and equipment required for completing his art and craft work. He has limited raw material and whatever he draws or makes is handmade as he is not technologically advanced. His list of raw material is natural color made by either the juice or extracts of fruits or vegetables. He makes an art piece when he feels like not on a target basis.

The art form is made by almost all the members of the family. It means that to produce a single piece a single person or the entire family has their own contribution in way or the other. Antique folk art comprises of decorative items made in terracotta, ceramic or metal. The artisan who makes these bronze or metal figurines or statement pieces use the old traditional form that they have learnt from the ancestors or forefathers who were masters of their trade and were recognized for their work and skill . The items thus made are sold in the local haths or small local markets which are organized on a daily or a weekly basis. Jewelry, bronze vessels, hair clips or other type of accessories, clothing or stitched traditional dresses are sold with a percentage of profits. The customers are from the same community or tribal’s who have come for their weekly visit to shop. These visitors are from the lower income group hence the products on display are low priced that is in accordance to their wage earning capacity.

The other form of art form is basically on cloth as paper is still not used in the remote areas. Hand painted bed sheets like patachitra, pichwai painting or a traditional form of art. Gondi art is made on the walls using charcoal for black color, turmeric for yellow, powdered rice powder for white and a few other natural colors and dye used on the painting. The characters are usually of flora and fauna images, deer hunting, wild elephants etc. The beauty of the painting is that there is a story or theme involved in the painting which made it unique and extra ordinary. The colors used are bright and vibrant and the characters are not well defined. The important point to be noticed is that there are no empty spaces in the painting it is filled with either the sun god or other deity which they worship. A lot trees, flowers and grass in the surrounding is inspired by the place that they live in. The other form of art is hand embroidered bed sheet or pillow covers that are decorated with mirrors and other decorative items to make it look very attractive. The cloth is 100%cotton and the colors used are fast and very bright.

We are a culture and heritage rich country we have a vast collection of handicraft items which should be treasured as they are individually produced and it is not possible to produce replica of these items .If you are an ardent lover of handcrafted items and wish to buy one for your own interiors or to any of your family members or friends then is the online shop just for You.

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