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Five Top Reasons to Choose Coworking for Your Startup

April 21, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Workplace Communication

The journey of an entrepreneur starts from home, but it’s not always a bed of roses. It becomes lonely or just difficult to separate work from home life. Finding a co-working environment serves the comfort of a home with professionalism of an office.

But remedy to comfort and professionalism is not the only benefit one gets.

Coworking is a flexible way of working in a space shared by different people, offering a wide variety of services and different vibes with each having a special story to tell. It is fun and interactive like a cafe, at the same time productive like an office. They typically have good web connectivity and other amenities to make working long hours more comfortable. It’s like having your office space at your own terms.

Here we noted down top 5 reasons to choose coworking offices as compared to café or home office:

1. Build Network. Build Relations.
One of the downfalls of working at home is the loneliness that comes with it. Whereas at coworking space you will be working around startups, professionals and entrepreneurs from different fields and backgrounds. When specialists from diverse sectors share a space, it is just natural to find new clients, share knowledge and eco-system partners. It’s about sharing ideas over coffee, leveraging a start-up network that help you overcome your bottle necks and helps accelerate your start-up. For all you know, you just met your next co-founder or investor.

2. Flexible Space.
Long term lease leave very little space to adapt and evolve along with crashing your bank. Coworking space, with little or no deposit, allows you to grow your workspace at the rate of your business without any lock in period. Depending on the space you’ll be able to find places that offer daily, weekly or monthly rates.

3. Fits Budget Needs.
Costs are shared between users and hence rents are cheaper with still providing the pleasure of fully functional office to run your business. Why pay for air conditioning, printing, paper, office supplies, water, tea, coffee, and all the other daily work needs when they have got it all covered?

4. Choice of Location.
Need a location to impress your client or put up on your business card? Coworking provides that to a startup. Search for a location which is walking distance from railway stations or just close to your house cutting down your traveling, hence saving time and money. It also will help you build a network of offices across multiple cities while you are traveling.

5. Your Terms.
Coworking empowers you to work at your terms. Want to wear shorts to work? Work with head phones on? Or Read books in a cozy library in your breaks? Coworking is the place. You can work in your most comfortable form without being awkward. It never lets you get bored by continuous flow of several interesting meets, workshops and conversations.

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