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Five Blunder That Makes the WordPress Website Slow

August 11, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Web design and development

Sometimes, it is much better to stay away from the experiments and overdoing the things, especially when you are using WordPress. WordPress is the reliable, robust and powerful platform for the Web Application Development Company and bloggers. It is found that despite easy and user-friendly interface, people make a lot of mistakes when using WordPress, because they have no idea that, What to do and what not to do when using WordPress. To make the website impressive and eye- catching, people do a lot of over experiment on the website and resultant they make their website slow. In this article, we compiled a list of blunders, which makes the website slow. 

Using too many plugins– Definitely, plugin adds features on the website. But using too many plugins are injurious to overall health of the website. It hampers functionality and performance of the website. Apart from that, using too many plugins is a problem for couple of reasons. First one is, the more plugins you use, the more work you need to do on the website. Second one, since all the plugins are not equal, poor and outdated plugins reduce speed of the website drastically.      

How to fix the problem– In simple and easy words, evaluate the plugins and kick out the unnecessary plugin. You can check the performance of plugins with another plugin.

Using too many widgets and stuff on the Homepage– Homepage of the website works as a virtual receptionist and it is like first and last impression. So to influence the visitors, designers of Web Design And Development Company used too many widgets and stuff on the Homepage, resultant, speed of the website becomes slow.  

How to fix the problem– Without any jargon; keep the design as simple as possible. We are not against the new things like card design, large and hero image, rather too many widgets, and stuff on the Homepage reduces speed of the website. So it will be better to remove all unnecessary widgets and stuff from the Homepage. Apart from that, reduce the number of posts per page, 5 to 7 is a good number. 

Using too many large photos and images– It is a famous proverb that, “images are worth a thousand words.” So, nowadays using high quality and stunning images on the website is a tradition. Definitely, high-quality images and pictures make the website eye-catching and impressive, but slow down the loading time of the website.  

How to fix the problemTo speed up the WordPress website, it is mandatory to keep the images and photos to the correct size. Large and heavy images take long time to load, so in this scenario, WP- Smusit plugin can help you to reduce the file size of images without reducing the quality. .jpg and .npg is the best format for the images and photos.

Using free WordPress theme– Nothing is cheaper than free. People go for a free WordPress theme, but literally, free themes have plenty of loopholes and alongside free theme has spyware or viruses, which do more than slow down the site.

How to fix the problem– It will be better to avoid the free themes for the website. Only use a premium theme from the official WordPress theme respority.

Choosing the poor hosting– This is the last but important point, to save money, people often go for cheap hosting company. Somewhere, this is a blunder, actually, poor hosting can hurt more than your load times.

How to fix the problem– Every problem has a solution and when it comes to hosting the website, then go for the reliable name. Good hosting company will turn the speed of website from average to lightening speed. WPEngine, Bluehost, and Hosting24 are some good hosting option. They offer excellent hosting at reasonable prices. 

Over to you- People often complain that WordPress website is slow and sluggish. But it is not true, WordPress has a diligent team of developers, who leaves no stone unturned to make the WordPress updated. Literally, the speed of the website becomes slow due to over experiment and over doing. So it will be much better to stay away from too many experiments.

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