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Finalizing Your Thesis Document

August 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Writing & Speaking

Thesis Associates, through the forum of our articles, have thus far equipped you with all the tools required to successfully complete a highly acclaimed and noteworthy dissertation. The final article in our series picks up from last week’s article on “Utilizing your Waiting Time Effectively” and provides a summary of the necessitated tasks, inputs and tips to complete your finalized dissertation document. We will once more utilize the example on construction delays for the purposes of this week’s piece.

Once all questionnaires have been received, as outlined last week, there should have been substantial work completed in the areas of involving extensive research such as the Literature Review. In commencing the analysis of data received, one of the first steps should be the grouping of your questionnaires by responding party. This aids in the task of inputting the data into your relevant spreadsheets.

Remember that for your data analysis, using our example on construction delays, your input parameters will be items such as frequency and severity which are critical in calculating your importance index. You should set up spreadsheets utilizing Microsoft Excel with relevant formulas input into them, so that your output is readily calculated, and your data comparison and statistical analysis easily carried out. This ensures that you have the pertinent data to include in the data analysis section of your thesis and substantial information on which to base your discussion upon.

Your finalized thesis document is an extension of your research proposal. Once you have prepared a detailed, well researched proposal and put extensive effort into research and outlining the subject headings to be included in your dissertation, compiling the finalized document, although relatively time consuming, will be a non-daunting task. Your introduction section should expand on the key areas previously discussed in the proposal stage such as the background, aim, objectives, scope and hypothesis.

Always remember to include citations within your document and complete your referencing and bibliography sections in the recommended style of your University Department. With these tips and those provided within our series “Thesis Writing & Tips for Engineering Students,” you will be well on your way to securing a high grade on your final dissertation!

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