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Executive Programs: The Way Ahead for India’s leaders

September 11, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Education

India Inc is undergoing a massive transformation. Rapidly changing technologies, increasing customer needs and evolving market dynamics requires managers and leaders to be on top of their game. With a huge lot of increasingly skilled candidates coming out of the b-school pool every year, up skilling consistently is the only way to stay ahead in this rat race.

While executive education is the trend worldwide, Indian managers have been a little slower to opt for executive programs. The prevailing mindset is to stay within the safety net of your comfortable job. And that is quite understandable. Many Indian managers are a part of the sandwich generation – a group which takes care of ageing parents as well as growing children. Obviously, quitting your job for an executive program, even it means improved opportunities a year later, is a thing unfathomable for the sandwich generation. The opportunity cost is just way too huge!

Luckily, there are some great executive programs in India that address the needs of the working generation. While there are great full-time executive programs offered by leading b-schools such as IIM Ahmedabad, they are generally not considered by most of the working population. If is for this population that cannot quit their paychecks, that part-time programs come in real handy. These programs are typically structured in a way where the classes are held post office hours or on weekends to ensure that these professionals can take advantage of such executive programs in India.

One of the highly recognized programs in this area is MISB Bocconi’s International Executive Masters in Business. This 18-month program offers the same rigorous approach and world-class curriculum that other full-time programs offer. The program offers the right competencies for managers to tackle the dynamics of modern-day markets. Moreover, this executive program offers a much sought after international exposure through faculty and curriculum from SDA Bocconi, MISB Bocconi’s parent and a globally recognized b-school. In fact, the masters certificate is offered by SDA Bocconi.

Moreover, this executive program is accredited by leading institutions such as AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA which are the gold standards when it comes to business education. It will add a lot of value and offer you skills which can immediately be implemented at your workplace.

However, if you wish to opt for a smaller duration executive program, you can consider the 10-month Executive Program in Business Analytics offered by MISB Bocconi. With its bent towards business analytics, this program is great for working professionals who want to get started with big data. It will teach you the skills required to use data to achieve business goals. In fact, going forward, every young leader will need skills to extract insights from business data. With this program, you give yourself the best chance to lead the way forward in a data-oriented world.

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