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Excellent Tips To Improve The Usability of WordPress Website

September 11, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Web design and development

WordPress is proving amazing platform for Web Design And Development Company. Due to easy interface and solid structure now WordPress is powering more than 60% of the website. From simple websites to complex application are built with this CMS. Nowadays, online marketing is not restricted to only design and developing a website, rather if you want to survive then you have to improve usability of the website. Whenever it comes to improve the usability of the website, then you have to consider plenty of things. In this article, we will cover all those aspects which give the audience a better user experience.

Mobile friendly design is mandatory– To provide better user experience; your design must be mobile friendly. Nowadays, maximum people are browsing the internet on mobile so it’s now crucial that your site is responsive. Jetpack is a  free WordPress plugin that contains a suite of module to improve your website. This tool will optimize the site for small screen and make your website content user friendly from any device.

Consider the Navigation of your website– Visitors will leave the site immediately, if the site is difficult to navigate. So it will be better to remove the unnecessary widget and files from the site for intuitive navigation. Use buttons that stands out and only promote the content that is important. Use heat map tool to know more about how your audience is using the site. This tool will give an idea where your readers are focused most on your site, how they are navigating and when they are leaving. In this way this tool will help you to know your audience better, and helps you to design a user friendly website.

Create a website that is appealing and eye- catching– Visitors always look for impressive and engaging website. An aesthetically pleasing site attracts visitors and improves usability of the site. To improve the usability make sure that content and design of the website are fresh, high quality and punchy.

Improve the  loading time of the website– Slow and sluggish website, neither good for user nor  for SEO. It is found that if  a website takes more than three seconds to load, then visitors leave the site immediately. To improve the loading time of the website, you must work go for fast web hosting, use a cache plugin and Install image optimization plugin.

 Fast web hosting–  Poor hosting is the primary reason for the  slow speed of the website. Always go for fast web host like Flywheel and WPEngine. Both of these host can make a real difference to the usability of your site.

 Use a cache plugin– Catching plugin is another good option to improve the loading time of the website. It stores data from your site so when users open a page the files can be retrieved quickly. WP Super Cache is a free plugin that reduces the loading time of the  website dramatically.

 Install  image optimization plugin– Large and heavy images slow down the loading time of the website. EWWW Image Optimizer is a  free WordPress plugin that optimize  the images by creating the smallest image file size possible.

Check for broken links– Like slow loading speed, broken links don’t make for a better user experience. And broken links inevitably occur, as the website becomes older with the passage of time. If visitors find any broken links while reading the articles or blog, then it is a really frustrating for them and a very much possibility that they will leave the site immediately. Broken link checker is the free WordPress plugin that checks the entire site meticulously  for any broken links or missing images.

Additional point to consider-

Keep your popups to a  minimum– Definitely, popups are proving beneficial to generate leads, grow email lists, and drive sales. But too many popups upset the visitors even many leave the site in the middle due to annoying popups. Popups on the mobile is really difficult to ignore, so Google is now going to start penalizing the site who uses such popups to distract the visitors. In the essence if you want a user friendly site, keep your popups to a minimum.

Use images with caution– Like popups too many images around the screen are really distracting. It prevents your audience from engaging with your content, particularly on mobile. It really impacts the usability of a WordPress site, so use the images with caution.

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