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Enrich Your Vocabulary Using Maaji Swimwear

July 2, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Clothing

I do not blame you if you are wondering how Maaji swimwear can increase your command of the English language.  After all, beautiful bathing suits can usually be described as simply sexy, cute, retro or trendy.  There are, however, some obscure but fun words one can use to describe this eclectic brand, and since Maaji is renowned for putting together patterns and colors in unexpected ways, it only makes sense to describe their 2013 collection in equally delightful terms.

Maaji’s Peachy Summer offers a multi-print triangle top that ties at the back and neck. The patterns on this plunging triangle top seem to be inspired by vesthibitionism, which is the flirty peek-a-boo display of undergarments by a woman. Like the lady that flashes a wee bit of lacey bra under her business suit jacket when she reaches for the binder on the top shelf, Peachy Summer’s cute bra look will be peek-a-booing from many a beach cover up this season before being revealed in all of its colorful glory. (And when the cover up comes off that delightful Maaji swimwear, the woman can expect plenty of sphallolalia – flirtatious talk that goes nowhere!)

Women possessing callipygian (well shaped buttocks) will love Black and White Intervals. With Black and White Intervals, Maaji takes a pause from their usual dazzling array of color and patterns and offers something up for the gal that prefers her elegance understated. The obviously (and I’m not trying to pull a charientism here but you should have guessed the color from the style title) black and white suit comes with Brazilian cheeky bottoms; perfect for those callipygian women to show off what nature gave them.  This sophisticated Maaji swimwear will cause every man on the beach to come down with a sudden case of basorexia (a desire to give a kiss).

For the lady that does not want to fall prey to colposinquanonia (the estimation of a woman’s beauty based on her chest), demure girls can find solace Blossom Melody.  There will be no oculoplania (eyes wandering away whilst assessing someone’s charms) since this swimsuit proves that being demure is just as sexy as being revealing.   There is no need to shy away from two-piece swimsuits when Blossom Melody offers very modest coverage while losing none of the charm for which Maaji swimwear is so well known.

Flamenco dancers may wear high heeled shoes, but you will want to go nelipot (barefoot, without shoes) in French Flamenco. This ruffled number is inspired by the dresses worn by passionate Flamenco dancers. The beautiful movement of the fabric will make you think of psithurism (the gentle, delicate sound of wind rustling through tree leaves). You can blame this dance inspired swimwear if you come down with a sudden case of tarantism (an abrupt urge to dance).

Far from this article being a work of adoxography, you have now learned two very important things. First, you now have several new words you can use to impress your friends.  Second, you know that Maaji Swimwear’s 2013 collection is ready and waiting for your perusal.


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