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How DotNetNuke Developers Contribute to Your Website

May 9, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Web Hosting

The world of programming is immensely vast, having a wide array of branches and languages within. It is almost impossible for a programmer to know every language and master each platform. All developers have their own area of expertise and those who specialize in DotNetNuke, a website building and content management platform are known as DotNetNuke developers. They have an important role to play in designing and developing a website that uses DNN platform as its content management system. Read on to know their contributions in realizing a visually appealing, well-structured website.

What is DNN and Why It Matters?

DotNetNuke also known as DNN is a free, open platform that is used worldwide to upload and manage content on websites. A popular content management system (CMS) that is based on Microsoft .NET, DNN is particularly known for its extensible features and user-friendly interface. Along with other popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal, DNN powers millions of websites on the internet. DotNetNuke being an open framework is an added advantage because thousands of DotNetNuke programmers contribute to improvise its ecosystem, adding new modules and skins every day. If you are looking for an easy to use CMS that is operable even by a layman, DNN is one of the best CMS out there.

Roles of DotNetNuke Developers

DNN programmers are very much needed while setting up a new DotNetNuke platform i.e. during the process of DNN development. There are three important stages of DNN development where they are needed the most. Those stages are as follows:

1.  Installation

It is very important that a DNN platform is installed properly using an installation wizard to avoid any CMS related problems in the future. DotNetNuke programmers are well aware of this installation wizard and precisely know what resources this process requires. From installing the newest versions of DotNetNuke to setting up database servers using SQL, they carry out all the necessary steps in no time.

2.  Module Development

Modules are the elements that make DNN platform so extensible and user-friendly. Through modules, the platform offers DotNetNuke developers ample number of opportunities to amp up the functionalities of a website, exploring new possibilities and including new applications. These programmers are well aware of the module set a particular website requires and are also smart enough to design their own modules if required.

3.  Skin Design and Installation

Skins are those elements of a CMS that determine the structure and aesthetics of a website. Skinning has a major role to play in DotNetNuke given the fact that it is an open platform. DotNetNuke programmers have immense freedom to choose from an exhaustive library of skins or custom design their own skins to create visually stunning websites that are user-friendly as well.

If you own a website of your own and have chosen DotNetNuke as your preferred content management system, you definitely need an experienced and creative DNN developer to make the most of it.


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