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Coolest Android N Features you should know

March 13, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Computing

Google gave us the sneak peek of Android N yesterday. Though it is a very early preview and things might change later during the official launch late this summer, the current features will definitely give you an idea of what will be seen on your phones and tablets this year.

Here is the rundown of the coolest features that you should know:
Multi window

With Android N, you can use two apps at once each on a split screen. This feature was earlier available in few Samsung mobiles, but now it will be available to all android mobiles. It contains “picture-in-picture” mode which allows you to watch a video on one screen while you are browsing or checking email on the other.

Reply from notification shade

Android N includes a “direct reply” feature wherein you can reply to a text message from the notification shade itself without the need to open the app.

Much better Battery

The Doze feature was witnessed in Marshmallow update which sets in when the mobile is stationary and saves battery considerably. But with Android N, doze gets activated when the screen is off and hence saves battery much more.

Switch between your previous used applications by double-tapping the recent button

The Android N gives you the option of double tapping the recent button and switching back to the previous app that you had opened. It is simple and can be used repeatedly to cycle through all the applications you used.

Data Saver and Call Blocking

Data saver mode is intended to protect your data if you get too close to your data cap.
Android N has introduced a system level call blocking option that blocks robocalls, spammers, and telemarketers. Moreover, it spans across multiple apps. So if a number is blocked from calling it can neither text you in hangouts nor in any other app.
The Powerful Built-In File Manager

With Android N, you can move a file, rename and create new files and folders within a file manager named Explorer. Multiple instances of Explorer can also be created which allows you to jump between separate folders.

Add Emergency Contact and Medical information on your Home Screen

During an emergency, we always require a contact number and the medical details. In Android N, you can certainly add details on your home screen such as the full name, address, date of birth, known allergies, blood group, medications, organ donor status, medical conditions and emergency contacts. However, remember this information can be accessed by anyone by digging into your Emergency dialer.

Darker Theme for Night Mode

To keep your eyes safe during night surfing, Android N introduced Night mode theme that has white-on-grey design and also reduces brightness.

No waiting to optimize Apps

This is the feature to skip the optimization of apps entirely, and make the process much faster. It also ensures apps install faster than before.

There might be certain changes during the official launch but these features seem to be extremely useful and cool.

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