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Comparing Whirlpool & Husky Glass Door Fridges

February 20, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Electronics, Shopping

Are you looking for a prefect storage space to store food items and perishable products at premium temperature? Then, you don’t need to worry at all! Here, in this article we’ll compare Whirlpool and Husky display fridge for sale by discussing the detailed product designs and specs so you can make a better buying decision ever.

Whirlpool Glass Door Fridges

These are fully featured commercial grade chiller cabinet with glass doors. These fridges are perfect to store drinks and beverages. Whirlpool glass door fridge features include; it comes with varying dimensions and you need to choose  as per your business requirements. It contains hinged, self closing doors with stay open feature for ease of loading. It has an internal stainless steel base with LED interior light with switch for perfect illumination of food except the back, which is made of galvanized steel. Whirlpool glass door fridges come with fully automatic operation, fan assisted cooling, adjustable castors and adjustable shelves It also has digital controller, temperature display, light canopy with switch and fitted lock as standard.

Nowadays, glass door fridges have become absolutely necessary for the convenience stores and retail outlets.  If you are selling refrigerated products then glass door fridge is the appliance that you need the most! Whirlpool’s glass door fridge enables you to stock your products in optimum conditions, maintain quality and freshness for longer periods of time in an attractive and stylish way. Additional feature includes; ergonomic design, recessed door handles, pointed door edges, round interior corners. Whirlpool glass door fridge offers maximum and convenient storage space and capacity to the retailers and shop owners to display your products.

Husky Glass Door Fridges

Husky is a renowned brand name, specialized in manufacturing of finest quality products worldwide. Husky’s glass door fridges are perfect for retailers wanting more space and has an inner temperature range of -18ºC to -22ºC with thick energy efficient insulation. These glass door fridges come with fitted lock and a pair of keys to prevent the any theft and to ensure a safe storage of chilled beverages. These fridges contain a painted aluminum interior that allows perfect cleaning and also keeps your beverages at premium temperatures.

Husky’s glass door fridges features both hinged or self closing door options (depending on your preferences), and has illuminated interior, LED temperature display and easy to use controls. Moreover, these fridges work with ventilated cooling type and use Power (W) 245.

Certainly, Husky fridges are vital in every delicatessen, and the choice of these fridges is extensive. It is the first kind of upright deli display refrigerator available with a two hinged front glass door, perfect for selling bottles of chilled drinks and beverages. Just imagine the convenience you would have if you could look into the fridge without opening the door and that’s the major reason why people prefer to buy a glass door display fridge. This will keep the items perfectly chilled whilst the shopper is looking around, and also saves electricity, and as a result the cost of your utility costs falls.

Other features include digital thermostat, LED illumination for each layer.  These glass door fridges also include a self-evaporation water tray that offers an ultimate convenience for end users and a front hot air blowing in order to prevent condensation. These fridges are excellent for display with a digital temperature display controller, which allows you to maintain the internal refrigerator temperature as per customer preferences.

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