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Co-working spaces get innovative to grow

October 15, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

Coworking space and sharing office space on temporary basis has entered the new growth phase in India with strong demand, driven by young entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers. A number of coworking spaces have been set-up to provide the users a wide range of choice to meet their requirements of budget, space and other amenities. Innovative solutions offered by co-working spaces include:

1. Get creative with happy hours
Happy hours indeed make the users happy. Coworking spaces offer exclusive discounts during happy hours, attracting more users at certain hours of the day. Some coworking get creative by combining some games, food program, wine tasting or some other twist from the usual making it special.

2. Offer childcare
Offering child care or creche encourages many working parents to move out of their home to work. This not only increases their productivity but also helps them network with the other co-workers. Childcare mainly attracts a huge number of women entrepreneurs.

3. Partnering up with several local businesses
Involving local businesses is a great marketing tactic to reach out to the large public, for instance getting local eateries to cater at the events held at the coworking spaces.  Also, inviting local icons/celebrities brings the co-working spaces into limelight and spreads awareness about the existence of the co-working space.

4. Be live music friendly
Many people working out from co-working spaces wouldn’t mind live music! Co-working spaces offer soft live music at certain hours for the users to lighten their mood and get refreshed while working.

5. Partner with local transportation entities
Co-working spaces have gone out to partner with transportation entities and provide pick-up and drop service to their users at either discounted prices or as complementary too.

6. Invest in member promotion and provide organized classes
Co-working spaces are more inclined to invest in retaining current member by organising various workshops and events exclusively for their members. These workshops add on value to the current knowledge of their members. Co-working spaces also organise training sessions and seminars and offer their members with discounts on entry. Special offers on use of conference room are also provided to members.

7. Mentoring service
Co-working spaces provide consultancy solutions and mentoring to start-ups working at their premises. Advises on legal requirement, accounts management and marketing are some of the area where the co-works help their clients. One-to-one mentoring sessions also prove to be helpful to the start-ups to grow and move forward in the right direction.

8. Partner with colleges
Co-working spaces have also gone out and partnered with colleges to provide staffing solution to their members. At the members’ request the co-working also takes up the task to interview and select interns for them.

Co-working spaces give a strong platform and great opportunity to the Entrepreneurs and Start-ups to co-work, innovate and invent together. Co-working spaces encourage networking and provides an ambience to be efficient and grow.

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