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Co-Working for Creativity: how to Discover the Best Ideas in a Shared Working Environment

October 15, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

The most successful businesses are those that have managed to think outside the box and realize effective solutions to their consumers’ problems. To think outside the box is revolutionary – it requires people who are willing to look beyond existing solutions to find something completely new and groundbreaking, and finally, adopt it in a way no one ever thought possible before.

Groundbreaking ideas require creativity, and to get the creative juices flowing, people need a conducive environment to be able to work in and to think in. Creativity is crucial to any business, but for emerging startups, it can make all the difference between success and failure.

Co-working spaces not only provide cash-strapped startups an affordable environment to set up the office and get working, but can also help boost creativity of their employees, making them more productive and far likely to succeed at their jobs. Here’s why:

Network and collaborate with different kinds of people:
Unlike a conventional office, a co-working space puts employees of various businesses in close contact with each other. This allows employees to interact with people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives than what they are usually exposed to.

Meeting new people in a co-working environment can enable them to look at their problems from an entirely different angle, and quite possibly, find the optimum solution, and go on to create a successful product or service. People from various businesses can share their skills with each other, help overcome small hurdles, and bring together their experience to discover new ideas.

Increase the sense of competition:
While some people perform better when in a stress-free environment, stress can sometimes turn out to be a good thing for others. In a co-working space, where employees can see and experience how other companies’ employees work, the underlying spirit of competitiveness can urge them to put in their best efforts at their own jobs.

Seeing other people work hard can serve as a strong motivation for employees to give their best in their roles, and optimize their productivity levels. A co-working environment can serve as a source of inspiration to employees who feel like they have hit a block, and encourage them to try harder to overcome a challenge.

Has a better ambience that lifts the mood:
Unlike dreary corporate offices, co-working spaces offer a homey, intimate environment, where employees can feel safer and more at ease when putting forth new ideas. The décor and vibe of a co-working space is more relaxed, and is focused on putting employees at ease so they can stay focused on their job without feeling overwhelmed.

A happy workspace can encourage people to dig deeper, collaborate more and discover their potential to a higher extent. The right ambience can lift people’s spirits, make them look forward to coming into work, and make work a far more exciting aspect of their lives, thereby letting them willingly showcase their skills.

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