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Classification of Mild Carbon Steel Sheet

August 17, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Industrial Mechanical

“Steel” the most common type of metal used in everyday life and being used in all sectors of industries, it’s used in construction, buildings, home applications, industrial goods and machines. One of the most cheapest, harder and durable steel that is commonly used as main alternative for stainless or steel. The hard and malleable ductile metal is highly durable and can be welded easily. These type of steel contain carbon in amount of 0.05% to 0.25% approximately. Also known as Low carbon steel.

Low carbon steel is the most commonly used steel in day to day life and industries purpose and have the most advantageous features. The carbon contain is low in mild carbon steel thus it is harder often used in most of the outdoor industrials applications. It’s little cheap than other types of steel therefore used for many industrial purpose.
Some unknown properties of Mild Steel
• The steel having low content of carbon lower than 3% is harder than other types of carbon steel. These harder carbon steel can easily welded and extremely functionable to diverse industry sector. The metal generally used in direct forming process, it’s being quite easy to work with such metals as they been easily shaped in any form.

• The metal can be easily welded and melded into desire shape according to diverse requirements. By just pressing the mild carbon can get easily shaped in any required form. Known as the most versatile materials and get shape of any desired requirements. It can be used for wide varieties of purpose such as pipes, car body panels, Nuts and bolts, engine parts and bicycle rims.

• Another benefits of this steel is easily welded due to its low carbon contain. That is why these metal is mostly used in constructions and automotive industries. Low carbon metal is cracked seldom therefore easy to weld. The high ductile property improves the ability to crack even it’s been bent or twisted.

• Mild steel is used in varieties of hardware products. Cookware, automobile chassis and motorcycle-frame, constructive parts, pipes and rolls etc.

• Mild steel is good conductor of electricity, the flow of electricity is easy without impacting its structure integrity.

• Mild steel is a variant of hard steel which makes it much brittle and enhance its flexibility.

• Mild steel contain high amount of carbon, makes it weak from rusting and corrosion. It is also used in construction as structural steel, besides finding applications in the car manufacturing industry.

• Mild steel have ferromagnetic properties makes it easy for manufacturing of electrical devices, yields itself to magnetization.

The properties of mild steel/low carbon steel makes it different from other types of steel, having vast uses in automobiles, construction and mechanical industries. The most common form of steel used by people over stainless steel, the cheapest and affordable steel used in every applications.


Mild carbon is the cheapest form of steel with only alloy elements used in different applications. The harder, ductile and malleable properties make carbon steel the increasing choice of many industries.

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