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Chronic Joint Pain and Arthritis Can be Relieved Using Cold Therapy

August 1, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Cold Therapy helps by numbing the area affected. When your arthritis causes a painful or burning sensation, applying cold therapy can help numb the area affected.  Cold therapy can reduce inflammation better than regular ice packs or bag of peas. Ice and water that is circulated from a cold therapy unit provides a continuous cold application for an extended period thus, removing heat better and diminishing the swelling.  This allows the swollen joint to return back down to size, which relieves your pain.

Joints that are hot, red, and irritated, are relieved by applying cold therapy. Remember, cold helps minimize inflammation and pain.  But just like heat therapy (like a heating pad) you have to take precautions not to damage to your skin from exposure to cold temperatures.

When you have joint pain caused by arthritis, that causes a burning sensation, do you reach for an ice pack to help relieve your pain and suffering?  Sports injuries, and every day aches and pains can cause your joints to become swollen, stiff, and sore.  When every day aches and pains appear, there is now a better way to relieve your pain and suffering. The patented Iso-Tube design of the IsoComforter Cold Therapy pad can reduce fluid accumulation that causes discomfort and pain.  By removing heat from the wounded area, the swelling can be reduced, therefore relieving pain.

Here are suggestions for safely using cold therapy devices so you don’t put your skin at risk.

1.  Place a cloth towel between your skin and the cold therapy pad.

2.  Cold therapy should be applied no longer than 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off.

3.  Always consult your physician prior to using cold therapy and follow his or her advice.

4.  Frequent skin checks every 15-20 minutes are a MUST.  If you notice your skin becoming numb, red, or blotchy, remove the cold source.

5.  Avoid cold therapy if you have circulatory problems, are using pain medication, while asleep or on the elderly, children, or on an unconscious or sleeping patient.

See complete instructions and warnings on any cold therapy machine prior to use.

Cold therapy can offer excellent arthritis pain management benefits, as long as it is used appropriately.



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