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Choosing A Yoga Teacher Training: 5 Questions To Ask

June 7, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

Yoga teacher training has become increasingly popular with different focuses on everything from healthy aging to social justice. If you know that you are ready to go deeper but unsure if you need a yoga teacher training in Sydney to accomplish this, meditate on some of the following questions:

1) Do you have a regular meditation or home practice?

Having a regular yoga practice is an important first step towards deepening your yoga knowledge. Although maintaining a regular home practice can be difficult, it is something that most studios encourage before making a commitment to a teacher training course. You don’t need to be practicing yoga every morning at 6 AM, but you should spend time exploring a home practice and make a concerted effort to practice on your own as much as possible.

A good way to gauge if you have a healthy home practice is if you can say, with confidence, that whenever you feel the need to tap into your body, you know how to get there on your own, in a personal, sacred way. Learning how to make yoga personal and how to practice on your own are crucial building blocks for developing a practice that is rich and meaningful.

2) Have you felt cues from other areas of your life encouraging you to dig deeper?

Often we may feel ready for a lifestyle change but are lacking the right environment or supportive community to help us achieve our goal. The yoga teacher training in Sydney can be a perfect opportunity to bond with people who are interested in curating a life of healthy living.

3) Do you feel like you are in a supportive, stable place in your life?

A yoga teacher training course carries a lot of commitments. Not only will you be investing your money, but you will be investing a good amount of time, energy, and emotions. It is important to feel confident that your living situation, your personal relationships, and your finances are all in a stable place.

If it is a financial stretch, you are going through a rough breakup, so taking training right now may not be the wisest choice. Although it may sound like a fun distraction, the likelihood of you being able to tap into the inner wisdom you seek will be highly diminished. You want to be in a stable place in your life where you can dedicate yourself entirely to the teacher training journey.

5) Is your yoga studio a place that feels like home?

This is the most important question. Is your yoga studio a place where you feel safe, accepted, and cared? You will be spending a significant amount of time there and will at moments feel very vulnerable. It is important that you vibe with the teachers, the atmosphere, and even the front desk staff. These people will become like family, and the relationships you have with them will either detract or enhance your teacher training experience.

The author is a yoga teacher course trainer in Sydney offering yoga training for several years. He explains to his readers about the questions they should ask before enrolling in a yoga teacher training course. Visit

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