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Choose the Maternity Girdle Style that Suits you

July 8, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Clothing

Maternity girdles are a woman’s best friend in childbirth recovery. Some rely on them as a solution to fix their postpartum tummy, while some others use these abdominal compression garments as a part of their comprehensive healing plan.

Function of postpartum girdles

Girdles and wraps were used in earlier days as tummy tucks for women who had just given birth to a child. With time, these were discarded owing to their unhealthy nature, and because they were regarded as a mark of oppression. Present day girdles are far advanced from their olden day counterparts. They are made of medical grade material and undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality. They are, in fact, recommended by healthcare experts worldwide for easy and fast recovery after childbirth.

Postpartum girdles are made of layers and panels that offer 360° compression and support. They cover the abdomen, lower back, buttocks, pelvic area, and parts of the upper body; imparting firmness and good posture to the spine that undergoes structural changes during pregnancy. These compression garments prevent the enlargement of fat cells, and keep bloating under check. They also aid lymphatic drainage, a feature that helps keep water retention and swelling after delivery, at bay. The garment, by keeping the sagging belly in place, helps in easy and effortless movement. Postpartum girdles aid in the healing of scar tissue and ensure that the enlarged abdomen does not come in contact with the incision.

The different girdle styles

Maternity girdles come in a wide range of designs and styles. All of these perform the basic function of offering compression and support. They differ in their construction, type of closure, and suitability for use after natural childbirth or C-section. Though there are many different styles available, four popular ones are discussed here.

•  Pull up girdle – the pull up girdle is the most basic and traditional design in the class of postpartum girdles. This style, as indicated by the name, is designed to be pull up and lacks closures of any kind. Such girdles are ideal for use after natural childbirth. They are also more suited for women who have smaller hips and who can pull on the compression garment easily.

•  Girdle with zipper – this type of postpartum girdle has closures in the form of side zipper. They may also have an additional hook and eye within the zipper panel for adjusting the level of compression. They are designed for use after natural childbirth, and can also be used during later stages of recovery from a C-section.

•  Corset – this traditional style of maternity girdle features a front closure in the form of hook and eye in two rows. This imparts additional flexibility to the wearer, as they can be adjusted according to the progress made during recovery. Such girdles are more suited for use after a C-section, when swelling and water retention are high, but can also be used after normal delivery.

•  Double corset – this kind of girdle features dual closures – one in the form of hook and eye in front, and another in the form of a zipper in the side. The zipper provides additionally flexibility, and makes wearing or removing them much easier. Double corsets are meant for use after a C-section, but can also be used after natural childbirth.

Choosing the right kind of maternity girdle is important for a speedy and healthy recovery from childbirth. When chosen correctly, these compression garments aid healing not just physically, but emotionally too.


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