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Certificates & Documents Attestation for Employment in Abroad

September 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Careers

Now Days due to increasing the Global opportunity and easier way to get the employment in other countries Indian young generation first choice is to works in some other countries and get their exposure with enhancing their skill and experience. It is good sign for the Indian young generation also it is very positive sign in interest of the India country. Here we will discuss to overcoming the difficulties that faced by the Indian young generation to complete the document Authentication / legalization. Documentation authentication /Legalization is not the complex process it is very simple easy in chain way.

Types of the document Authentication depends on country where the person want to get the job opportunity, suppose person just get the job opportunity in some other countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Brazil, China, Taiwan which are not coming under The Hague convention then document must to get authenticate or legalized with the same Country Embassy in India. This is for only Non Hague convention countries. If person get the job opportunity in Hague convention countries member then it will be Apostille, only Apostille is enough. if once Apostille is done then no need for further Embassy Attestation.

Now we are coming the different category of document which need to be Apostille or Embassy Attestation. Documents or Certificate Attestation depend on the countries (like Hague convention and Non Hague convention) where it will be required to used. Earlier we have already discussed that in NON Hague convention countries Member Only Embassy Attestation is required and In Hague Convention Apostille is required. Here we will discuss the commercial document like Certificate of Origin , Special Power of Attorney , Memorandum Of Article , Article of Association , Certificate of origin , Free sales certificate , commercial invoices , Bill of landing , packaging List , Product list , and so on why these document need to be Apostille or legalized. Actually in era of Globalization due to extremely increased demand of one country product services to some other countries so Business Expansion, Export and Import and Cargo services is booming. All the discussed above commercial document must to be legalized /Apostille.

Dependent visa is required to that entire member who just carries their dependent like wife and their kids on the behalf on self sponsorship. Dependent visa there are particularly Birth and Marriage certificate need to be legalized or Apostilled.

A single status Affidavit /Bachelor Hood certificate is required to get the Apostille / Legalized for those person who want to get married in some other countries where he needs to prove the Martial status.

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