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How to Buy Flowers for Your Wedding Reception

April 29, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Marriage

Be it the top tables or line aisles; hair of the bride or bouquets in the hands of the bridesmaids, centerpieces or flower on the grooms’ lapels – there are numerous flower decisions that you must take while planning your wedding in Chicago, IL. There are no set rules, when it comes to selecting wedding blooms.

However, there are some things that you must keep in mind when you are deciding your wedding flowers. Firstly, decide on the people that will carry or wear flowers. This will help you pick flowers according to their personalities and the general décor of the area. Flowers can make or break the look and ambience of your big day, here are a few mistakes that you should try and avoid while picking flowers for your wedding reception.

1.  Choosing the Wrong Size of Flowers

A common mistake that couples usually make is getting flowers that are too big. They overshadow the entire décor and sometimes even look out of place. You should instead opt for smaller and sturdier counterparts like fressia or miniature lilies that look good everywhere, whether it is the centerpiece or the groom’s boutonnieres.

2.  Not Being Flexible

It is good to have an idea about the kind of centerpieces you want, but you should not just pick up an image from Pinterest and ask your florist to recreate it entirely. You may like a photo with an open flame candle, but it is possible that your venue does not allow any fire elements. This will cause last minute chaos. So, ascertain the venue restrictions and be flexible in your approach.

3.  Not Communicating the Timeline to your Florist

Often the couples do not convey the timelines properly. For instance, the florist might deliver the bouquets and centerpieces according to the time of the ceremony so that the flowers remain fresh. However, in case your photographer wants to shoot some pre wedding photographs, it might create a problem as the venue will not be ready in time.  So, make sure that the blooms are delivered well before time in that case.

4.  Buying Strong Smelling Flowers

Though, individually a flower with strong fragrance might be appealing to you, but when loads of similar flowers are kept in one place, it might become irritating for your guests and make them uncomfortable. After all, who will like to eat dinner that smells like jasmine or rose!

5.  Not Prearranging the Flower Donation

Couples usually plan to donate wedding flowers to those less fortunate after the event is over. This is indeed a beautiful gesture. However, often it is not as easy as it seems. While some organizations may have rules, others may need an additional donation for collecting flowers from the venue. So, prepare and plan for the donation beforehand.

Flowers will make the venue look celebratory and cheerful. So, go ahead, choose blooms carefully and get yourself a wedding that your guests will never forget!


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