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July 29, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Jewelry

Wedding rings should be every inch rings which are personal and customized to one’s personal needs for them. Therefore, just how much carats or little carats one does put into them, should indeed be the ideal carats that are right for them overall. How much carat should an engagement ring have. The answer is whatever the number is, you wish for them to have, and that is it. Custom engagement rings are made custom for two people. This personal customization does also include the number of carats that an individual does define that they want for their wedding ring. No one else determines this. The amount of carats for a wedding engagement ring should be left totally up to the bride, groom, or bridge and groom as a pair. They are the only two who make this final carat count on any engagement or wedding rings that they have in mind for the sealing of their nuptials.

Despite the fact that the final number of carats is up to the bride and groom. The 1 carat round and brilliant diamond is usually the most sought after, as well as, very popular choice of the number of carats that one should have within an engagement ring. This is because of the belief of some cultures. What is this belief? This belief is that certain numbers are thought to bring good fortune. For instance, in the Chinese culture, the number 8 is said to often be a lucky number. Therefore, another engagement ring choice with just the right carat number is no other than, that of being 0.88 ct. which represents this 8. However, despite what culture says, and what is popular. When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, it is what a couple can afford to pay for an engagement ring and what they want from an engagement ring overall.

How much carat should an engagement ring have – The truth is this. You can make your own engagement ring, and customize it personally, with as many carats or as little carats as you so desire. We, here at DG & Co Jewellery are in business to make all of our customers happy when it comes to their overall choice of fine wedding and engagement rings. This is because we excel at bride and groom happiness. A big part of ensuring our customers are satisfied with their wedding and engagement rings comes from knowing they have found the ideal wedding jewellery with us. DG & Co Jewellery have the best wedding rings style that knows how to bring a smile every time. The size of the ring or carat isn’t important. What matters most is the size of one’s love and heart. We only deliver wedding rings and things from the heart. Please check out our link of


DG and Co Jewelry to see all of the awesome wedding jewellery and custom engagement rings that we make possible. We provide excellent Melbourne engagement rings like no other. We strive to be unique, different, and every inch customizable to your needs for the perfect wedding ring every time!

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